Freelancing: A ray of hope for skilled people

Along with rising unemployment in Pakistan, there is a constant fear of dismissal of those working in the private sector. Employers want to find the best employee for the least amount of money. Given the situation in the country, many skilled people also vow to work for a living where the salary does not suit their skills.

According to 2019 figures, about 6.0 million people are unemployed in Pakistan. The rate is at a 13-year high and is expected to rise further.

In this state of uncertainty, it has become imperative for a skilled person to use his skills to create safe and better-earning opportunities which will not only improve his personal economic status but also benefit the country and the nation.
Against this backdrop, self-employment or freelancing is the only way for a person to cope with these situations. And surveys show that the time to come is for freelancing.

Employment practices in the private sector around the world have changed significantly. To reduce operational and other benefits, companies prefer to “outsource” contracts or work rather than having full-time employees. On the one hand, this significantly reduces the company’s costs, and on the other hand, it provides quality work at a lower cost.

According to a February 2017 report from Upwork, the largest freelancing website, more than half of companies in the United States prefer freelancers to traditional jobs.

According to a joint survey by the Freelance Union and Upwork, the freelancing market in the United States grew by 55 million people in 2016, accounting for 35% of the population. And this trend is spreading not only in the United States or developed countries but also in developing countries like Pakistan.

According to the chairman of the Punjab IT Board, Pakistan is currently the fourth largest country in the world in terms of freelancing and more than 150,000 freelancers are currently contributing about US ؑ 1 billion to the economy. It is commendable that all of them have done this without government patronage.

Looking at the whole scenario, it can be said that these statistics indicate that if you do not get a good job, you can earn a good living on your own. And freelancing is the only sector that does not require government support or heavy investment. With a computer and an internet connection, anyone with a passion for doing something can get started.

Benefits of Freelancing

When it comes to benefits, the biggest benefit is that it pays well. Depending on your skills and experience, you can get the job you are looking for. In addition, you can set your own time, which is not available in 9 to 5 jobs.

The most important thing is that you are only responsible for the work you are getting paid for. Neither more nor less And you are not responsible for anything after the project is over. Freelancing projects are usually short-lived, such as 6 months or a year, but the duration can be longer. The contract can be extended for many more years if the client is happy with your work.

Given the economic situation in the country, freelancing is the only recourse for educated unemployed youth. Not only the unemployed but also the employed people can do freelancing for a few hours after office hours if they want to increase their earnings.

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Naeem Ur Rehman

Pakistan's youngest blogger and the CEO of He is currently the student of BS Environmental Sciences at University of the Punjab, Lahore. He is also working as a senior advisor to, Mukaalma, and Pylon TV.
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