From SPAS-12 to Monster Truck: These new features will soon be added to PUBG Mobile

Within the coming few days we will get many changes and many new things in PUBG Mobile. Many of these things have been confirmed and estimates have been made for many features. Today here we are going to give you information about those big features coming in PUBG Mobile, which you will be able to see in the game in the upcoming update.

PUBG Mobile is a very popular mobile battle royale game, which is liked all over the world including Pakistan and India. The player base of the game is quite large and many new players are added to it in the coming days. In such a situation, the PUBG mobile team regularly adds new modes, weapons, vehicles, outfits or skin to keep the game entertaining. Even recently the developers released the PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update, adding a new version of the game’s existing map Miramar. Many more things were added to this update, including the new Golden Mirado car.

 Now, game developers don’t want to stop here. We have seen many leaks and teasers in the last few days, Which shows that Tencent Games is working on making PubG Mobile more exciting. Within the coming few days we will get many changes and many new things in the game. Many of these things have been confirmed and estimates have been made for many features. By collecting information about all these teasers and leaks, today here we are going to inform you about the big features coming in PUBG Mobile, which you will be able to see in the game in the upcoming update.

PUBG Mobile ‘Mysterious Jungle’ Mode 

The biggest feature in PUBG Mobile will be seen on Monday, June 1. PUBG Mobile is going to add a new mysterious Jungle mode named ” on June 1. The PUBG mobile team teased this upcoming mode through a tweet on Wednesday this week. Although no specific information was shared about the mode in this teaser, the poster and the name of this mode shared in the teaser make it clear that this mode is related to Jungle Adventure and it is quite likely that this mode is Sanhok Will be played on the map. In the teaser tweet, this mysterious Jungle mode picture on PUBG Mobile shows two players looking at the Shanhawk map.

PUBG Mobile also teased this mysterious jungle mode at the time of Royale Pass season 13 release. At that time it was being called Jungle Adventure Mode. It is possible that in this mode you will see players flying in hot air balloons to locate enemy targets on the map. Of course, this is just speculation right now. What’s new in the mode and how it will be played. For this, we have to wait till 1 June. But as every mode of PUBG Mobile gets interesting, we are hoping that this upcoming Mysterious Jungle mode will also be fun to play.

PUBG Mobile ‘Secretmap’ aka Fourex Map

PubG Mobile players may get a new map to play in the game soon . A new classic map has appeared in the PUBG Mobile Beta version and may be released on the stable version of the game in the near future. It has been introduced in the beta version under the name “Secretmap”, but if a recent report is to be relied upon, it may be released as an upcoming PubG map called “Fourex” map. PubG Mobile has also teased this new map through a tweet. The teaser featured four different regions of the map in four postcards.


The new classic map seen in PUBG Mobile Beta is slightly smaller than the current Erangel map. The total number of players in this new map may also be lower than that of Erngel and Miramar. It will come with some new buildings, which will look somewhat similar to the buildings included in the Sanhok map. In addition, some buildings are copied from the Erangel map. The areas covered will be mixed, which will include both the snow area and the grass area. Currently, the release of this new Forex or Secret Map map is not known, but its entry in the beta version indicates that it may soon be played by all PUBG mobile players.

PUBG Mobile P90 SMG

The next major addition to the secret map will be the P90 SMG gun in the beta version of PubG Mobile. If you have played some popular first person shooter games before such as Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege or the very popular Counter Strike, then you will definitely know about this sub-machine gun. The P90 SMG is a highly lethal gun, known for ridding the enemy sixes in short range. This gun has been introduced in Arena mode in the PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update, but in the near future developers can also introduce this gun in the main classic mode.

Photo Credit: PUBG Mobile

The fire rate of the P90 SMG is extremely high. This gun uses 9mm bullets and its single magazine has 50 bullets. This gun includes three firing modes so that it can be used not only in close combat but also in long-range.

PUBG Mobile SPAS-12 Shotgun

Not only the P90 SMG, the PUBG Mobile beta has revealed that SPAS-12 shotguns may be added to the game soon. Speaking of shotguns and the name of the SPAS-12 is not known, it is difficult. Call-of-duty, Rainbow Six Seas, Far Cry or Counter-Strike, Spas-12 is the pride of every game. In close combat, only one shot of this gun can help you get a kill.

PUBG Mobile Monster Truck

The new Golden Mirado car has been added to the PubG Mobile 0.18.0 update. However, this vehicle is only available on the Miramar map. Now, if the new beta version is seen, developers can soon add a new monster truck to the stable version. This monster truck can be seen in the video of Mr.Ghost Gaming, a popular YouTube streamer. It is similar in size to the truck available in Sanhok, but its biggest feature is its huge tires.

Photo Credit: Mr.Ghost Gaming Youtube

The video shows that the suspension of the truck is also flexible, causing it to bounce when it hits a pit or a small blockage. Currently, this truck is available in PUBG Mobile Beta’s Secret map. There is no information about whether this truck will come in the stable version or not, and if it comes, what map will it come in.

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