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General Knowledge MCQs 13

General Knowledge Mcqs comprise of World Geography, Atmosphere, Science & Literature, events Mcqs, Current Affairs Mcqs, Pakistan Affairs Mcqs and International Organizations. These general knowledge questions are very important for all type of exams conducted by Fpsc, Nts, Kppsc, Ppsc, Spsc, Bpsc, Ots, Uts, Pts, Cts, Ats, etea and other testing agencies of Pakistan.

________ river act as a boundary between the USA and Mexico?

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A. Colombia river
B. Colarado river
C. Rio Grande river
D. Thames river

_________ is a highest lake in the world?

A. Michigan
B. Titicaca
C. Lake ladoga
D. Erie

Qutub Minar was built by___________?

A. Iltumish
B. Qutubuddin Aibak
C. Razia Sultana
D. Shah Jehan

Who is the youngest climate activist in Pakistan ?

A. Eman danish
B. Geta
C. Sana akhtar
D. None

Kazakhstan declares independence from the Soviet Union in___________?

A. 1990
B. 1991
C. 1995
D. None of these

The Islamic Development Bank is founded in ________ ?

A. 1970
B. 1971
C. 1973
D. 1981

United Arab Emirates holds its first ever elections in _______ ?

A. 2004
B. 2005
C. 2006
D. 2009

The Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was captured near his home town of Tikrit, during Operation Red Dawn by US forces on ________ ?

A. 13 December 2003
B. 14 December 2004
C. 15 November 2005
D. None of these

Pakistan Standard time is _______ hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time?

A. 3 hours
B. 5 hours
C. 7 hours
D. 2 hours

The last town on the Karakorum Highway in Pakistan before the Chinese border is:_________?

A. Sost
B. Astore
C. Bunji
D. None of these

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