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General Knowledge MCQs 14

General Knowledge Mcqs comprise of World Geography, Atmosphere, Science & Literature, events Mcqs, Current Affairs Mcqs, Pakistan Affairs Mcqs and International Organizations. These general knowledge questions are very important for all type of exams conducted by Fpsc, Nts, Kppsc, Ppsc, Spsc, Bpsc, Ots, Uts, Pts, Cts, Ats, etea and other testing agencies of Pakistan.

The Eiffel Tower was officially opened on _________?

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A. 30 March 1888
B. 31 March 1889
C. 29 April 1890
D. 2 April 1891

The Treaty of Paris was signed, ending the Crimean War on _________?

A. 29 February 1855
B. 30 March 1856
C. April 1956
D. None of the above

Which of the following is a cartel?

D. European Union

St. Petersburg is the famous city of which country?

A. Finland
B. Russia
C. Sweden
D. Latvia

Ireland joined the United Kingdom on January 1_________?

A. 1800
B. 1801
C. 1802
D. 1803

Total number of playing members in Handball team?

A. 9
B. 11
C. 13
D. 7

Spin Boldak is in__________?

A. Iran
B. Afghanistan
C. Russia
D. Pakistan

Lake Tana is located in__________?

A. Ethiopia
B. Ghana
D. Kenya

________ is the Longest Strait in the World?

A. Strait of Malacca
B. Berring strait
C. Strait of Hormuz
D. Davis Strait

Highest Civilian Award of Bahrain is___________?

A. ‘The King Hamad Order of the Renaissance’
B. ‘Order of Abdulaziz al Saud‎’
C. ‘The Order of Zayed’
D. None of these

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