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General Knowledge MCQs 8

General Knowledge Mcqs comprise of World Geography, Atmosphere, Science & Literature, events Mcqs, Current Affairs Mcqs, Pakistan Affairs Mcqs and International Organizations. These general knowledge questions are very important for all type of exams conducted by Fpsc, Nts, Kppsc, Ppsc, Spsc, Bpsc, Ots, Uts, Pts, Cts, Ats, etea and other testing agencies of Pakistan.

Agra city was founded by _______ ?

A. Bahlul Khan Lodhi
B. Ibrahim Lodhi
C. Malik Sultan Shah Lodi
D. Sikandar Lodhi

Bahlul Khan Lodi ascended the chair of the Delhi sultanate on _________ ?

A. 19th April 1451
B. 20th May 1451
C. 21st July 1453
D. 22nd October 1455

Who was the ruler of the kingdom between the rivers Jhelum and Chenab?

A. King Porus
B. Darius III
C. Darius ll
D. Alexander the Great

What was Alexander the Great most known for________?

A. Being a great poet and playwright
B. Being a military genius and commander
C. Being a mathematician and scientist
D. Being an excellent musician and singer

How old was Alexander the Great when he died in Babylon?

A. 32
B. 37
C. 42
D. 45

What famous philosopher was Alexander`s teacher as a child?

A. Plato
B. Socrates
C. Aristotle
D. Zeno
E. Plutarch

When did Genghis Khan captures the capital of the Jin Dynasty (China) ?

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A. 1214
B. 1215
C. 1216
D. None of these

When did Mongolian leader Temujin defeats his rivals and receives the title Genghis Khan, Universal Ruler of the Mongols (Mongolia) ?

A. 1205
B. 1206
C. 1207
D. None of these

Dow Jones is stock exchange market of__________?

A. Tokyo
B. London
C. New York
D. None of these

Which is the national game of the United States of America?

A. Volleyball
B. Football
C. Baseball
D. Rugby Union

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