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General Knowledge MCQs with Answer Keys

  1. In the Composition of the earth, Aluminum is:

(a)  27.5%                                            

(b) 20.3%

(c)  14.5%                                             

(d) 8.1%

2. The deepest part of the Ocean is:

a) Vostok                                           

(b) Puerto Rico Trench

(c)  Mariana Trench                        

(d) Sundas Trench

3. After Australia, which of the following is the smallest Continent?

a) Antarctica                                     

(b) South America

(c)  North America                             

(d) Europe

4. The deepest place in the Indian Ocean is:

a) Mariana Trench                          

(b)  Puerto Rico Trench

(c)  Sunda Trench                            

(d)  Isle Trench.

5. The highest waterfall of the world is:-

a) Victoria                                         

(b) Tugela

(c)  Angel                                         

(d) Niagara.

6. The areas around the North and South poles within the Polar circles is called:

a) The Torrid Zone                          

(b) The Frigid Zone

(c)  The Temperature Zone              

(d) None of the above

7. “Death Valley” in California, U.S.A is so called because of:-

a) It is highly polluted area on earth

b) It is extremely cold region on earth

c) One of the hottest places in the world

d) The existence of a large number of volcanoes

8. Identify the largest ocean:

a) Pacific Ocean                               

(b) Atlantic Ocean

(c)  Indian Ocean                                

(d) Artic Ocean

9. Mediterranean Sea is connected to the Atlantic Ocean by the:

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a) Strait of Gibraltar                        

(b) Bering strait

(c)  Davis strait                                    

(d) Dover strait

10. Caribbean Sea is linked with the Pacific Ocean by the:

a) Suez Canal                                    

(b) Panama Canal

(c)  Sunda Strait                                  

(d) None of the above one

Answer Key:

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