George Floyd killed, died due to throat pressure: report

On Monday, a police officer arrested George Floyd and placed his knee on his neck and held Floyd’s throat in the same position for more than seven minutes, after which he died.

Minneapolis, USA: The demonstration has continued since May 25 in the death of 46-year-old black man George Floyd due to police brutality in the US. Now the official autopsy report of Floyd, the autopsy report has come out. In this report, his death has been described as a murder. It has been said in this report that Floyd died due to pressure on the throat. Let me tell you that a police officer arrested George Floyd on Monday and put his knee on his neck and kept Floyd’s throat in the same position for more than seven minutes, after which he died.

On Monday, the Hennepin County Medical Examiner of Minneapolis released its official autopsy report stating, “Fluid inflicted cordopulmonary arrest on the part of police officers by throat pressure.” In this, the ‘manner of death’ has been described as homicide. However, in the statement of the Examiner it has been said that no (intention of killing) should be decided on the basis of cause of death.

In this report, among the ‘other important causes’ of death were Floyd’s case of heart disease and high blood pressure, and fentanyl intoxication and recent use of methamphetamine.

A Minneapolis police officer has been charged with third degree murder in the case of Floyd’s death and three other officers have been dismissed along with him. A video of the incident surfaced, in which a white police officer, Derek Schowin, is seen applying pressure on Floyd’s throat with his knee while he continues to say that he is unable to breathe and eventually stops shaking. .

A Floyd family lawyer said Monday that a post-mortem for his family found that he died due to inhalation due to pressure on the throat and back. Lawyer Ben Crump said a post-mortem report from another doctor found that blood could not reach Floyd’s brain due to pressure, and the pressure created by the knee of other officers on his back made it difficult for him to breathe.

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