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Globalization- An Accumulated Phenomenon

As the technology has firmed its grasp on the societies and the world is converged in the florescent screens. The east is connected with the west and likewise the north with the south. So the modern generation has given it a name, “The Globalization”. Despite regional, ethical, cultural and geopolitical differences, the whole world is now considered a global village.

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This term “Global village” is used so consistently, that it has been accumulated on the modern world and the think tanks.
But, if we critically analyze this term global village and dissect it to the depths, it defies the normative, and cultural differences, which still exist in this modern world.
Let’s examine some linguistic and normative differences which are still there, even in the societies those who share the language and the religion. For instance, if we travel through the European belt, they are more formal in their lingual manners than Americans. They have their idioms and interpretations of them according to their norms, which don’t even exist in American English. Yet they share the language but still not the culture and normative values.


The critical examination of the uniformity of the costumes and language, which is portrayed as Globalization, forces us to call it capitalism. As this adoption of the western costume and culture has economically strengthened the western markets.
As we can see that the developed and economically stronger western region of the globe has more influence on the world, concerning clothing and imperial styles and language. But still, we cannot call this imperialistic approach as Globalization.

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Syed Sohaib Hassan Kirmani

Written by Syed Sohaib Hassan Kirmani

Student of Mass Communication at Beacon House National University.

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