Good Digestion Habits: What to do and not before and after eating food for better digestion? Take care of these 5 things will not be constipation!

Good Digestion Habits: To keep digestion better, besides catering, many things have to be taken care of. There may be times when you have breakfast in the morning or after lunch, there may be disturbances in your digestion. Some of our habits can lead to poor digestion. It is very important to have a healthy digestive system to prevent diseases. The digestive system itself is the cause of many troubles. Often after lunch and dinner, digestion gets spoiled and neither our food likes to eat nor any other work. A healthy diet is necessary for a disease-free life. Because unhealthy food not only affects your digestion, but it also causes many diseases.

Many times, diet is not the only reason for poor digestion (Cause of Poor Digestion). Rather, there may be some mistakes made after lunch or dinner. Often we follow many tips to get rid of constipation, acidity but do you know that if we change some of our habits after lunch and dinner then you can avoid the problem of poor digestion. Know here what to do after lunch and dinner…

Digestion will be healthy after eating food. Do this Work After Eating Food Digestion Will Be Healthy

1. drink lemon water

Coldwater should not be drunk immediately after eating food. However, you can drink lemon water 30 minutes after the meal. Always drink water normally. This will improve your digestion. Problems such as constipation and gas will be overcome. Lemon water also removes the toxic substances from your body.

2. Walk

There are some people who take hold of food only when they should never do so. By doing this your food is not digested properly. In such a situation, you should walk 10 to 15 minutes after 5 minutes of eating food. This will correct the digestion and there will be no problem of acidity.

3. Quit

After eating food, Kulla must be done with normal water. This will remove particles of food stuck in your teeth. Because food particles present in the mouth can cause bad odor and worms in teeth.


4. Consumption of fennel and sugar candy

Aniseed is considered very beneficial for our health. It is also known to cleanse our intestines as well as to remove the odor of the mouth. Also it is beneficial in many diseases. After eating food every day, you can eat 1 teaspoon of fennel and some grains mixed with sugar candy. It can improve your digestive system.

Do not do this work after eating food for better digestion?

  • – Avoid brushing immediately after eating
  • – Do not consume tea or coffee
  • – Do not smoke
  • – Do not eat any fruit for one hour after eating

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