Google Focus Mode, which doesn’t let you lose focus

Google has introduced a new tool called Focus Mode to focus your attention on something. This allows you to close the notification from email to Facebook for a certain period of time, either indefinitely or indefinitely.

This feature was announced at the Google IO Developer Conference in May this year and is still undergoing beta testing.

It’s a ‘Do Not Disturb’ type mode, which can prevent voice, vibration, and other visual cues, but certain apps can be turned off in focus mode. Apps that catch your attention during a task and include YouTube, Facebook, Gmail, and other games. These apps may be turned off for a specified period.

Thousands of expert testers used this feature of Google during beta testing and offered suggestions to improve it, after which focus mode has been improved. It can also be called a component-time rescue option from the app. Any app can be closed for a certain number of hours and days, and can be closed from 9 am to 5 pm in the office.

It should be noted that Google has launched the Digital Wealth Bang program, which aims to prevent and improve people from negative use of the Internet and social media. One of the popular options is the YouTube abandonment ‘YouTube Break’ option.

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