Google’s “copy” handwritten text from phone and “paste” it into a computer feature

Google has introduced a new and very useful feature for its users that allows handwritten text to be “copied” from a mobile phone and “pasted” on a computer.

According to the World News Agency, handwriting can be copied and pasted on a computer through the lens of a mobile phone, but to use this feature, you must have a newer version of Google Chrome on your computer. Similarly, Android mobile phones should have Google Lens app.

This feature is very simple, look at the text written on a page with the eye of the mobile camera and when the option comes, highlight and copy the relevant text, then go to the computer’s document folder and select the edit option and paste there. Give
To use this feature, it is also important that your writing is clear and concise. Google is adding to this feature and now users can hear the spelling of difficult words in their text. There is also the option to search for well-known phrases while writing.

Google administration hopes that the new type of copy-paste feature is important for all users, but students and researchers can benefit the most from this feature.

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