Government has Decided to fail Students who Make TikTok Videos

The Provincial Minister for Universities and Boards, Ismail Rahoo, expressed his unhappiness with the various boards for their inability to prevent cheating during board exams across the province.Government has Decided to fail Students who Make TikTok Videos .He has urged board chairpersons and controllers to impose harsher penalties on pupils who engage in such behaviour.

The ministry has decided to penalise Hyderabad matriculation students who were found recording TikTok recordings. He has also directed that other boards around the province follow similar.

Furthermore, the Sindh government has instructed that female vigilance teams be deployed to exam centres. It emphasised the importance of having additional vigilance teams at all centres, with a special emphasis on having female teams present in girls’ exam centres.

The government’s controversial decision to fail students making TikTok videos is causing uproar, igniting debates on freedom of expression versus distraction from educational pursuits in the digital era.

Furthermore, the minister emphasised the importance of taking action against students who bring cell phones into exam centres. He finished by emphasising the critical need of properly implementing all exam rules and regulations.

Government has Decided to fail Students who Make TikTok Videos

After a video of female students filming a TikTok video during the matriculation exam in Hyderabad went popular on social media, the minister took action.

While expressing his displeasure with concerned authorities, the minister urged boards across the province to check cheating during board examinations.

“Action will be taken against students who use mobile phones in examination centres,” he warned, urging officials to strictly enforce norms and regulations at the testing centres.

Ismail Raho also urged the board chairmen and controllers to take harsh action against cheating students.

Furthermore, the Sindh minister directed that all board chairmen send female vigilance teams to student test centres.

“The number of vigilance teams in all examination centres should be increased, and female vigilance teams should be sent to the girls’ examination centres he stated.

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