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Habits for Swift Bursts of Personal Growth

Everyone going in business big or small can benefit from one globally powerful thing: personal growth. Entrepreneurs are some of the longings for it because there’s so much to discover when you set out to start your own thing and often there’s so limited feedback given to you. Personal growth involves, and commences to, growth as a head and business person because it anticipates you’re increasing your overall capacity for learning, adjusting, and fostering change.

These are FIVE not-so-obvious but very quick ways of amping up personal growth:

1. Pause to ask what good and great looks like.

2. Listen to understand, not to convince.

3. Emphasize assets, not deficits.

4. Remind yourself that how you feel is not how things are.

5. Focus on being interested not interesting.

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Naeem Ur Rehman

Written by Naeem Ur Rehman

Pakistan's youngest blogger and the CEO of He is currently the student of BS Environmental Sciences at University of the Punjab, Lahore. He is also working as a senior advisor to, Mukaalma, and Pylon TV.

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