Has a new ‘cold war’ started between US-China? Chinese Foreign Minister made serious allegations

The escalating tensions between the world’s two superpowers – China and the US – over the situation of the Kovid-19 epidemic and Hong-Kong spread by Coronavirus, is gradually taking the form of the Cold War.


The escalating tensions between the world’s two superpowers – China and the US – over the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic and Hong-Kong spread by Coronavirus, is gradually taking the form of the Cold War. Similar serious allegations have been made against China on Sunday. On behalf of China’s foreign minister, it has been said that America’s steps are pushing both countries towards the new Cold War.

Speaking to reporters on Sunday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said, “It has come to our knowledge that some political forces in America are trying to hijack the relations of the two countries and push us to the edge of the Cold War.”

Wang did not say anything clearly about what ‘forces’ he is talking about, but it is so certain that US President Donald Trump has been showing strictness about China since the Kovid-19 outbreak and he also They have indicated that this time they can take steps to end their relationship with China completely. China is already on target of the whole world due to its attitude towards this virus.

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There was instability between the two countries over the trade war for more than a year, which has deepened after the Kovid-19 pandemic spread from China to the Coronavirus. Apart from this, America has already been raping China over human rights.

The epidemic that has spread from the city of Wuhan in China has killed more than 5 million people worldwide, in which 3,30,000 people have died.

Hong-Kong seeking to bring complete democracy

In contrast to Coronavirus’s criticism, a security bill has been introduced in China’s legislature on Friday to suppress an ongoing campaign in the semi-autonomous city of Hong-Kong seeking to bring complete democracy. Mercury has climbed again in Hong Kong. At the same time, many countries including America have also condemned it.

But in his statement, Wang has repeatedly accused the US of defaming him by taking the name of China.

Wang’s Press Conference

In a press conference held during the annual legislature meeting, Wang said that in the midst of a coronavirus crisis, a political virus has also spread in America. Every chance of attacking China is being sought through this virus. Some leaders have sidelined even the minor facts and are just spreading lies and conspiracies about China.

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