Healthy Diet: Do you take healthy diet every day? Learn 14 tips to stay on healthy diet continuously from experts

Healthy Consistent Diet: Starting healthy food is not as difficult as it is difficult to maintain consistency. With cravings, mood swings, hormonal imbalances, stress and fatigue, it can always be difficult for you to take a healthy diet, and this is a major hurdle that people with weight loss or fitness have to face. No matter how much you try, you cannot always keep healthy eating process due to laziness and sometimes for whatever other reason. Here nutritionist Vandita Jain talks about tips and tricks that can help people maintain consistency in healthy eating. According to Jain, it is necessary to adapt them to stay hydrated, to practice moderation and to diversify the diet.

14 tips to stay consistent on a healthy diet. 14 Tips To Stay Consistent On Healthy Diet

1. Know your body: Try to understand how your body works, do not let the body crave as it can not only slow down the metabolic processes of the body but can also damage the reactions in the system. . Long intervals between your meals can actually be harmful and affect you psychologically.

2. Respect your body: The mess, dislike and likes of food are common to one and all; We are lucky that we have so many food options to choose from; Do not eat a specific meal under compulsion if you do not like it; This can affect the internal system of the body, and can confuse the body, so always choose to eat healthy.

3. Moderation quite important: A balanced diet is technically a combination of all the food groups in your food throughout the day. The best advice you can get from your nutritionist or health expert is to eat all the food groups in a day without worrying about allergies and other medical concerns. If you do not have any specific problems, do not go away from carbs or dairy. 

4. Know Your Plate: ‘My Plate’ is a reminder to discover your healthy eating style and make it throughout your life. It talks about the right variety of foods in the right proportions that can help you be healthy now and in the future.

Fill your plate with fruits and vegetables.
Make half a plate full of whole grains, such as millet or jowar, or
follow your protein routine in chapatti or rice
. Transfer from low-fat to fat-free milk or yogurt.

5. Know the mantra: Pay attention to the quantity and nutrition of different foods. Choose options that contain less saturated fat, sodium and sugar. To understand your food better, read the level on things and know what is the amount of things in them.

6. Eat five coloured things in a day: Eat a mixture of fruits and vegetables. Aim to keep five coloured items in your plate. It is an effective way of meeting the nutritional requirements of the body. Healthy Consistent Diet: Include many varieties of foods in your diet

7. Eat seasonal things: Don’t go looking for those fancy vegetables and fruits, which are eaten in every season. Be practical, eat fruits and vegetables which are available according to the season. That is, those who are seasonable. Avoid vegetables kept in cold storage. With change in environmental conditions, our body also adapts to it. 

8. Hydration: Hydration is the most important factor that is often overlooked during the day’s work. Make sure that wherever you are working, a bottle or a jug is kept filled with water. You can add mint leaves or cucumber in a water container. It can make you feel refreshed.

9. Eat natural things. Stay away from artificial . Try to grow vegetables in your home garden, eat organically grown things. Never depend on artificial products unless there is a crisis. Your body understands natural products better. Never eat medicines that are not really needed. 

10. Grocery List: Trust, this is the most important and simplest aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle; Do not buy unhealthy things and then do not eat unhealthy. Discard the temptation to buy calorie-rich chocolate and juice; When it is not available at home, then in any case you will avoid eating it.

11. Feeding less and continuously: Eat small but frequent meals to meet your level of satiety and to avoid overeating at once. It can help in maintaining better digestion, better concentration level and good energy among other benefits. If you want to maintain the goals of healthy eating habits then this is needed.

12. Take care of your intestines: Do not let the problem of constipation hinder the stability of your goals. It can cause irritability and tension; Eat too much fibre in your diet. You can have natural laxatives and herbs like Triphala which can effectively help in combating constipation. Healthy Consistent Diet: Exercise and be physically active

13. Regular exercise regime and meditation: Changing the game of mind is directly related to healthy body and healthy soul. Exercise regularly to release and indulge in hormonal juices. Meditation leads to a better understanding of oneself and for this reason it affects the processes of the body. Reading motivational quotes in the morning before starting the day can prove beneficial.

14. Never overexert: If you feel like eating something on a given day then you can eat it. But keep the ‘once in a while’ principle in mind, this will help you to stay on track. Try to make new dishes at home like you can make your favorite kebabs.

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