Higher Education Commission HEC Islamabad declares Xi’an Jiaotong University China Masters and Ph.D. scholarships. Under the CSC-Chinese university scheme, the scholarship will cover tuition fees, lodging, living allowance, and medical benefits.

Other scholarship categories include the XJTU Siyuan International Student Scholarship and the Belt and Road International Student Scholarship from the XJTU-Xi’an City Government. HEC nominees will be considered by the university award committee in all categories. Nominees would also benefit from an exemption of 800 RMBs from application processing fees.

HEC Xi’an Jiaotong University Scholarship Eligibility Requirements

Dual nationality holders are not qualified to apply. Applicants for a Master’s degree must have a Bachelor’s degree (16 years) and be under 35 years of age. Doctoral degree applicants must have a Master’s degree (18 years) and be under 40 years of age. Not currently in possession of any other forms of scholarship. Applicants for the Ph.D. programme must have some research achievement
Candidates can apply only in the following Xi’an Jiaotong University, China (English taught) disciplines/programs for consideration as HEC Candidate under Master’s & Ph.D. enrollment in Sep 2021;

  • Technical Mechanics,
  • Ingeniería de Energía & Power,
  • The Engineering of Electronics & Information
  • Engineering & Material Science
  • Electrical engineering engineering
  • Studies in Management
  • Tech in Aerospace
  • Note: Students are recommended to apply to the above-mentioned disciplines/programs only, and no other disciplines/programs will be considered for nomination.

All information contained in the online application and the documents attached must be complete, truthful and reliable.

How to apply for a Scholarship from Xi’an Jiaotong University

  • Apply at http:/eportal.hec.gov.pk/. online. Deposit Rs. 500/- via HEC online bank deposit slip Account No. 17427900133401 at Habib Bank Limited, Shalimar Recording Company Branch, H-9, Islamabad and upload the same slip to the HEC online application form to be successfully submitted to the HEC portal. Fees can be deposited from any HBL branch in Pakistan into the HEC online account.
  • Keep your printed copy signed by yourself after successful submission of the application to the HEC portal.
  • Submit an online application via programme Type: B and Agency No.: 10698 to the CSC website at http:/www.campuschina.org/. Download the completed application form from the portal of the Chinese Scholarship Council, print & hold a signed copy.
  • Submit an online application at the International Student Application System of Xi’an Jiaotong University (click here or at http:/isso.xjtu.edu.cn/recruit/login
  • Please visit http:/sie.xjtu.edu.cn/en/SCHOLARSHIPS1/Scholarships Programs for Postgraduate Studies.htmm. For specifics of the scholarship and documentation needed at XJTU.
  • It is mandatory to send online applications to the CSC, XJTU & HEC portals. If any of the three above-mentioned forms are absent, the submission will not be considered.
  • DEADLINE 30 January 2021 At this stage of the application process, DO NOT submit HEC hard copies of application forms or any other documents.

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