How did the plane’s engines shut down? An initial report of the accident came to light

ISLAMABAD: A preliminary report of the plane crash was given to the civil aviation authorities in which it was stated that the engines of the plane were shut down due to the collision of birds.

According to Express News, a preliminary report of the PIA plane crash was prepared and handed over to the aviation authorities. According to the report, the plane collided with birds after the landing gear got jammed, which led to the accident.

According to the report, after the landing gear broke down, the pilot brought the plane down for landing as per the rules, but during this time, more than one bird collided with the unfortunate plane and at the same time both engines of the plane were partially shut down.

The report states that due to low power from the engine, the height of the ship became very low and in a short time the plane could not maintain its height. The pilot also called for “May Day” but the plane crashed into a house in a populated area before reaching the runway and was gliding when it hit the top floor of the house. ۔

Meanwhile, the federal government has formed a four-member investigation team into the plane crash. Air Commodore Muhammad Usman Ghani will head the investigation team, while other members include Wing Commander Malik Muhammad Imran, Group Captain Tauqeer and Joint Director Air Traffic Control Nasir Majeed. The Civil Aviation Division has issued a notification to form an investigation team.

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