How do You know if you are on the right path or the wrong path?

By:- Sehna Saleem

Sneha Saleem

Planning the future is very easy but converting that imagination is very hard. Many times my brain stick me with one answer-less question. That question is: how do I know for sure this is the right dream, career, choice of partner for me? To know about this either we are on the right path or not is so hard as we think. One thing by which we bother ourselves is to confuse ourselves with various tracks. To identify either you are on the right path or not here are few clues through which you can conclude either you are on the right track or wrong??
If you’re on the right path, then you must have all these qualities in your personality like, you are performing those duties or tasks that are not making you uncomfortable or not causing any distress in your daily life. Secondly, you are not uttering those lines for which you have to later apologize for your words. Thirdly, word compromise should be excluded from your dictionary. If you are not doing compromises on big deals stuff of your life it means that you are on the right path.

Fourthly, if you are on the right path then you must know your worth. Knowledge worth means that one must have their own opinions and thought to place them in front of others or to convince others. One must have enough power to deal with everyday affairs in a better way. The fifth one through which you can identify whether you are on the right path or not is to be confident. One must have to be confident in his/her choices of life. This will help any individual to live his/her life according to rules and regulations set by himself/herself according to their mentality and feasibility.
These five signs work as a scale of measurement to know whether you are on the right path or the wrong path. If you are lacking all these above-mentioned signs it means that you are on the wrong path which will never suit your personality.

Here I have few other signs through which you can conclude that you are on wrong track. If you identify all these Five signs in your everyday life it means that you are on the wrong track of your life. Firstly, the environment in which you are surviving is costing you and your power. Secondly, you Feel drained means completely dumb when you are left with no positive energy and courage it means you are drained while struggling on the wrong path. Thirdly, losing yourself means when you feel that you are useless you are losing all your strengths, you are becoming aimless it means you are losing your worth. Fourthly, betraying yourself is a very common notion to know whether you are on the right path in life or not? By betraying yourself here means if you feel sometimes like “ I can’t help feeling like I lost myself” then it directly goes to the point that you have betrayed yourself in some direction.

If I talk about a compromise then I can say reliably that compromise is not a betrayal. Compromise is something when an individual accepts on his/her behalf and willingly says Alright I can give here. While making compromise at that stage when you feel depleted or drained it means your compromise will lead to betrayal yourself.
Your whole life depends upon those choices which you have chosen for yourself. Mainly people have a spirit to make choices but they do not have enough courage to apply these choices in their daily life. Sometimes an individual feels so uncomfortable at any workplace and wants to take big initiatives but his/her inner self never allows him/her to do that.

That is betrayal and the other category of people who remains in touch with their inner self and their inner self guides them in a better way to tackle their curve balls which they are facing since long ago. They take big initiatives they quit those jobs which seems to them unmatchable to their mentality or we can say to their personality. They end those relationships that seem to them not fulfilling. They always make tough choices because they know by making tough choices they will conquer the world also will meet their dreams. Every small right action must be regarded as a massive billboard created for the universe which says “I am ready now I believe”. By remaining tuned in and assured with what is true for you will create quantum shifts in your reality, your relationship, your confidence, and your field. One must not bother himself/herself to seek out “ the right path”.

Some tips which can assess you to choose or to adopt the right path. The very first and very common thing you need to correct by yourself is to stop with a self-attack. If you start to get down yourself just because first you have adopted the wrong path. It is not productive. This phenomenon happens to everyone so stop degrading yourself first.
Change can be initiate just by one step you cannot bring any change until you take some mini-steps. For instance, if you were trying to lose weight a tiny step you first adopt is the selection of whole-grain bread instead of white bread. Cutting down on fats or sweets can also be regarded as the best step to make any change in your physical appearance. If you are looking for a special someone join an online dating site. Don’t get confused about writing your profile or going on dates. Your first step is joining. After joining further process will be proceeded.

Career-wise Spend 20 minutes refreshing your resume. Tiny achieve able goals will help you to take you to your ultimate destination. Break down your big goals into little series and try to fulfill each of them. For example, when you woke up in the morning first plan how you will spend your day. Taking exercise daily will help you to stay healthy and active. Spend 7,6 hours at your workplace try to explore something new every day this will keep you updated you will stay in touch with new phenomena occurring around you.

It may seem counterproductive to relax more. When you relax more. When you relax more you remain more enthusiastic and feel more energetic. Relaxing more time will give you the power to take big initiatives. Make a schedule for the day. Divide your whole day’s activities into tiny goals and try to fulfill these goals very sincerely. When you work wholeheartedly and sincerely results seem more positive and productive. So to become successful in your life it is obligatory for every individual who is willing to become more intelligent must take a healthy nap plan his/her day according to activities while leaving the bed.

The next factor is very common nowadays. Most people easily distract from their goals due to criticism of others. So if you are facing the same problem you get discouraged easily by anyone’s criticism then you need to select your best mentor which keeps you courageous and ambitious. Many people leave their goals unfulfilled just because they care about those notions and judgments implemented by others. They think what others have an opinion about them is the final option to choose or to follow. When you believe others more than yourself it means you are hurting your inner self. You are disvaluing your own opinions. And that is a great hindrance in your way of success.
Similarly, if you are looking for a better life partner must invest your time in him/her. This will help you to know about the good and bad habits of each other. When you invest your time you share your views then ambiguities existing between two individuals who are going to start their new life will have vanished. They become more confident and clear about each other.

Accomplishing mini goals in a weak, month or year keeps you motivated. You get more confident after completing any goal. You become more ambitious and began to chase behind your dreams. These are some key factors by which you can know whether you are on the right path or wrong. If you have dreams and desires to fulfill then must set some goals, must invest your time in these goals. Try to figure out those drawbacks which are pushing you back, again and again, try to cope with these drawbacks. So would you apply these strategies to put yourself on the right track??

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