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How effective is the video calling feature of WhatsApp? our experience…

WhatsApp has common user awaited video calling Tuesday Feature Launch online. Like many other video calling apps, WhatsApp video calling will not cost any money. However, if you are not using a Wi-Fi network, then you will have to pay internet charge according to your data plan for video calling. WhatsApp’s Android, iPhone and Windows device users can now make video calls with the latest version of the app.

Explain that Facebook-owned WhatsApp has claimed to be 20 million active users in Pakistan and India. Asia is the largest market for WhatsApp. WhatsApp says that the new video calling feature has been optimized to work in India. There is still poor internet connectivity in most places in Pakistan and India. We want to make this feature available to everyone, not just those who can afford expensive new phones and live in countries with better cellular networks.

WhatsApp competes with many other apps in video calling including Apple’s FaceTime, video calling giant Skype and the recently launched Duo by Google. Now the question is whether the video calling feature of WhatsApp will be better than other video calling apps? We ourselves experienced the video quality and audio quality done through WhatsApp. And today we will tell you how the video calling feature of WhatsApp performs on Wi-Fi and mobile data networks.

The way to make a WhatsApp video call is very easy. There are two ways.  

  • Open whatsapp
  • Go to contact tab
  • Search and tap the user you want to call
  • Tap the phone icon at the top of the screen
  • Now select video call in the option shown

That’s it, you will be able to make a video call from WhatsApp for the first time. Apart from this, you can also do video calling by double tapping in the chat window. For full screen video, you can rotate the phone in landscape or portrait mode at your convenience.

We made video calls from both Wi-Fi and mobile data networks on WhatsApp. The quality is almost the same on both Wi-Fi and mobile data in WhatsApp video calls. The same ringtone will be heard when a video call is received during a WhatsApp call, which rings during a mobile call on your smartphone. Video quality is not better when using Wi-Fi network from WhatsApp and the video becomes very pixelated. Along with this, if the Wi-Fi signal is not good then the video stops in the middle and the call is disconnected many times when there is a Poor connection. Audio quality cannot be said to be better than average because the sound is intermittent. The sound is not heard clearly even when used with headphones. With the use of mobile data networks, the quality of video calls does not matter.

You can also do multitasking during a video call. For this, during the video call, you have to click on the message icon shown below, which will move the video call interface in the background. Messages can also be sent to a user during video calling. And then switch back to video call. You can switch the front and rear camera by clicking on the camera icon shown on the left. You can mute the call by clicking on the mic icon on the right.

Video calls are fully encrypted on WhatsApp. WhatsApp video call interface in iOS is slightly different. But most of the features are the same.

WhatsApp claims that the video calling feature has been optimized according to India’s Internet connectivity. And this feature will work well even during a poor internet connection. But the quality of the video call is not much better. In this case, how far the company’s big claims are right, it will be known in the coming time.

We have already used Apple’s video calling service like FaceTime, Skype and Facebook Messenger. Talk about data expenditure, then Apple’s FaceTime consumes the lowest data. During the 4-minute video call, FaceTime consumed 8.8 MB of data while Skype and WhatsApp consumed 12.3 and 12.74 MB of data. All these calls were made from Vodafone’s 3G network in Delhi-NCR.

We have also used the video calling feature of Google Duo and FaceTime. And we liked the video calls and audio call quality over Wi-Fi and mobile networks very clearly and well. Video and audio quality in FaceTime and Google Duo is much better than video calls made through WhatsApp.

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