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How to Change Language in Vivo Phones? For All Models

Use these methods to change language in Vivo if your phone is now set to a language other than the one you typically use. This might be the result of buying a used or imported device, changing your language unintentionally.

1. Go to Settings

The cogwheel icon, which must be on the home screen or in the phone’s menu, represents the settings on the Vivo. You may enter the main menu by typically swiping your finger up from the bottom of the screen to the top.

Change Language in Vivo Phones

2. Open System Settings

We search for the System section by looking for the exclamation point icon, which is often located in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Change Language in Vivo Phones

3. Language & Input Settings

The world globe symbol for “Languages & Input” should be clicked. The language of the keyboard and the messages displayed on the vivo may both be changed from this area.

Change Language in Vivo Phones

4. Click on Languages

The first choice on the vivo screen, “Languages,” which is typically written in Chinese characters, should be clicked once more.

Change Language in Vivo Phones

5. Add a Language

To add a new language to the vivo, click the + “Add a language” button. A list of suggested languages will then show below the other languages.

Change Language in Vivo Phones

6. Search the Language

Find the language you wish to change your Vivo to by searching for it in the list or using the magnifying glass icon in the top right to perform the language search.

Change Language in Vivo Phones

7. Choose Region

Once you have decided the language you want to install on your Vivo, a list of choices to pick the language’s region will display. Choose the relevant region from the list. In order to install the dictionary for your nation or region, you must choose the proper region.

Change Language in Vivo Phones

8. Change Language’s Position

The primary language of the vivo will be selected by clicking and dragging the language to the first place using the vertical lines on the right.

Change Language in Vivo Phones

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