How to Forward PMC MDCAT Results To Colleges?

The MDCAT scores for 2020 and 2021 are already available. As a result, admissions to the Public Medical and Dental Colleges are now open. The Pakistan Medical Council has directed students who took the MDCAT 2020 or 21 to send their results to all medical/dental schools in Pakistan.

If you choose to apply to any of the institutions listed below, the PMC will submit your official results to the appropriate institute. So, if you’ve been told to become a doctor or a dentist, follow the steps outlined below. Please follow the steps outlined below to give the specific institute with your MDCAT result information.

How to Send Your MDCAT Score to Colleges?

Here are some measures to help you send your results to medical or dental schools.

  • Go to the link below:

  • When you scroll down, a form will appear in front of you. 
  • Select your MDCAT session, whether 2020 or 2021. PMC will forward the result of the college of the session that you will mention here. 
  • Moving onto the next step, enter your Roll number allotted to you during the MDCAT examination of the above session.
  • Then, select the college where you want to apply for the admissions. Select as many colleges as you want.
  • Then press the Submit button, and your details will get submitted. The PMC will provide your MDCAT result details to all the marked institutes. 

Remember to forward the correct details; otherwise, your negligence can create problems for you. 

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