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How To Get Canva Pro For FREE in 2023 – An Ultimate Solution

You want to learn how to get Canva Pro for FREE as a content producer, branding specialist, or company owner. You may save some money on a monthly or annual basis as a result, which you may use for other endeavours.

Canva is one of the most inventive tools for producing material for social media, websites, and infographics in the graphics design and branding sector. You will occasionally discover that you need to access Canva content that is only accessible to Pro users. I’ll show you how to acquire Canva Pro (Premium) for free in this article.

You may quickly and simply obtain a lifetime Canva Pro account. To obtain a free Canva premium account, be sure to adhere to the instructions in the step-by-step guidance below.

Students and instructors may sign up for a free Canva Pro account.

Canva will provide you with premium features if you fall under one of these categories and meet the necessary criteria. The Canva for Education programme was created to assist education by giving away Canva Pro for no cost.

To get your lifetime Canva Pro account for free as a student or teacher, you need need email address. If you don’t already have one, I’ll teach you how to quickly create a email account and use it to sign up for Canva pro for free.

How Does Canva Work?

Anyone with an account may access Canva. You must register for a Canva account in order to use the features.

Canva is necessary if you are:

  • Business owner
  • graphic designer
  • branding specialist
  • social media manager
  • content creator
  • web developer, etc.

Types of Canva Account

There have two categories of accounts on Canva

  • Canva Basic
  • Canva Pro

Canva Basic: What is it?

All users can sign up for the Canva Basic freemium account without having to pay anything. You cannot access Canva Pro features like assets, assets, and videos with this account type.

The Canva Basic is free to use.

Canva Pro: What is it?

Users of Canva’s Canva Pro subscription get access to additional features including premium images, videos, limitless storage, and assets.

You will pay between $1 and $20 per asset if you are not a premium member. However, if you’ve subscribed to the Canva Pro plan, you’ll get free access to all premium resources.

You may utilise the Canva premium templates, videos, and images that are offered in the Canva collection for free as a Canva Pro user.

How to Get Canva Pro for Free

You may receive a free Canva Pro account for life by following the instructions below:

1. Obtain a Temporary Email Address:

Obtaining your email address is the first step in obtaining a free Canva Pro account. Visit the following website:

You may generate email address needed to register for a Canva for Education account on this page. An email ID that is automatically activated and valid for 10 minutes may be seen on the dashboard.

Step 2 can be followed after receiving temporary email address. If not, though, press the delete button. You will immediately see that a new email address has been produced for you.

Refresh the page until you see your email address. The created email will have a suffix, as seen below:

How To Get Canva Pro For FREE in 2022 - An Ultimate Solution

2. Visit Canva’s page for educators

  • Go to the Canva for Education sign-up page at
  • Enter your email address and click Sign up with email. One Time Password (OTP) notifications will appear in your email inbox.
  • Type in the OTP, then click “Submit.”
  • You will get free access to Canva’s premium features once your email address has been verified. Congratulations! Free lifetime Pro account with Canva.
How To Get Canva Pro For FREE in 2022 - An Ultimate Solution

3. Change Your Email Address

You need to update the email address in your Canva pro account since, as you are aware,.edu email addresses are only valid for 10 minutes.

Visit and input your current email address to update your Canva email address.


The first step to outstanding designs is to have a Canva premium account. I hope you have learned how to acquire a free Canva Pro account by reading this article.

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