How to get your AdSense approved in 2022? Ultimate Guide

If you want to get AdSense to approve for your website and facing rejection or a new one and searching for guidance, you are at the right place. I am going to tell you 5 key steps that will make your website ready for immediate approval of AdSense. Steps are very easy and simple and therefore, you will have no difficulty in following them. These 5 steps along with the points you should avoid will perfectly help you.

1. Custom Domain

You always need a custom domain to get your AdSense approved, the domain will be paid and not free. But, if you are using Blogspot then you have an option to get approved and serve ads without paying a single penny. The BlogSpot AdSense is known as “Hosted AdSense” and it will show ads only on your blog and not on custom domains. You must have an approved non-hosted AdSense account for your other domains.

decide a good domain name

2. Domain Age

Domain age does matter but not too much to affect your approval, if you have quality content on your website. Mostly, people suggest that the domain should be 6 months old for AdSense approval, but it needs to be 1-2 months according to my experience.

My request for AdSense account was approved when the domain was 2 months old

3. Dynamic Website

Your website should be dynamic and this is the best way to tell google that you have valuable content. Don’t waste yours in creating boring content. Create unique, captivating and engaging content.

4. Number of Posts and minimum Traffic

There is a no minimum or maximum number of posts to get approve, you must have enough content visible on the front page. I suggest you have a minimum of 20 posts on your site before applying for AdSense. It is only a suggestion, not a requirement as

I got my AdSense approved when I have only 5 posts on my website.

For the approval of the AdSense account, there is no minimum traffic limit for the website. The website must send a few ads requests after adding code in the header section So that the Google team could check your page.

5. Privacy Policy/About Us/Contact Us page

This is one of the essential requirements of Google AdSense, that you must have a defined privacy policy and about us and contact us pages. If you are trying without creating these pages, this might be the reason for the rejection of your request. So, hurry up and prepare these pages to get approved.

These were the few tips for AdSense approval. If you have any query you can contact me through the comment box.

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