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How to maintain the quality of pictures while sending them on Whatsapp?

WhatsApp is currently the world’s most popular messaging application. With the WhatsApp, users can share their photos, videos, documents and other files with friends and family. With WhatsApp, users can send numerous pictures at a time, but one disadvantage of sending photos in this way is that their quality is greatly affected. Photos made from high resolution and expensive cameras are also sent from the WhatsApp so your friends get them in normal quality. However, there are a few ways users can maintain their quality while sending pictures.
Here are two easy ways to send high-quality photos in the WhatsApp:

Renaming the file

This method is usually best for sending one or a few high-quality images via the WhatsApp. For the
Open your file manager and find the file you want to send in high quality.
Rename this file to image.doc, meaning .doc the extension for this file Then open a chat with the person you want to send the photo to in the WhatsApp.
Select the option to send the file via attachment, and with the help of the document, select the image that has now been converted to the document. Tell the person you sent the picture to by renaming the image to the image.jpg you have with the file manager.

Compressing several files

If you want to send many high-quality files then for that Compress folders or images of high-quality images in your phone with the file manager or compression utility. Send this compress file as an attachment to your friend.
Tell your friend to de-compress this compressed file. This way you can send many files to your friend in high quality simultaneously.

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