How to motivate yourself for blogging when you feel demotivated?

Many people do blogging. But when they do not get any results, then they become demotivated. To keep you motivated in such a situation, we have written this article in particular. By reading this, you will know how to overcome the demotivation in blogging and how to stay motivated only.

A few days ago, I was talking on the phone to a budding blogger, and he was telling me that he is worried about motivation for blogging. Some of the lines of the talk I had with her on the phone were as follows. (I’ll use Mister X instead of his name.)

  • Me: what happened? Why are you so demotivated?
  • Mister X: Naeem, I have worked on my blog for months and this is my 4th blog, and probably the last one. I am still getting only 100 odd views and people are making comments only for backlinks.
  • Me: why did you start blogging?
  • Mister X: I loved blogging and it was my passion. I have been blogging for the last 4 years and when people read my posts and follow me, I feel good. The second reason was money. Right now this is not the main reason but later on, it will be banned as a major reason in my career.
  • Me: How do you follow people on social networking sites?
  • Mister X: To most bloggers and internet marketers.
  • Me: How do you feel when people talk about their success stories on Facebook and Twitter?
  • Mister X: Some of them inspire me and some demotivate me. People who started with me but are doing well now, demotivate me, but blogs like Raabta and Shoutme motivate me because I like them.

When I was talking to Mister X, I was already familiar with the problem. This is a very common face of blogging life that most bloggers go through. I too faced this phase in the early days of my blogging career.

After this, I shared some of my experiences with Mister X and tell them some tips.

I can say that many of you, (especially budding bloggers) face this issue. If yes, then you will have to take some action now or else you too will fail like most startups, and will quit blogging.

In this article I will share some tips with you which will bring back your motivation in blogging.

Reverting Motivation for Blogging

First blogging for yourself, and then for others.

You must have heard a lot about the writing of your readers. Even if this is a good thing, and you have to do it to build an audience for your blog, but first of all you should write for yourself.

One common which many bloggers do is that they copy the blogging style of others. Your blog is your personal place, and it puts your individual identity in front of people. You may not get thousands of fans, whether in a day, in a month, or in a year, but if your blog is working for a single person, then writing that post is successful.

Just stay in your niche , and write on the things related to that niche that you find interesting.

One big misconception about  blogging is that there comes a point in blogging when you have nothing left to write, you have already written everything. But this is not true at all.

The fact is that every day, a new internet user is born, and your blog can be one of the first websites that a new user will see. You can be among those who will teach something new to the user who wants to learn. This is how you will build authority.

So in short, stay in your niche and write for yourself.

Start with the basics and then move on to advanced topics later.

Start with the basics

Many bloggers make the mistake that they give information that is too advanced for the beginner.

Like if you are writing on Blogging itself and your first post is about Hostgator hosting, while you have never mentioned on your blog what web hosting is and why people need hosting to host their site. . In such a situation, you will not be able to build a good reader-base for your site.

To create interest and increase readership, there should be a collection of content on your blog, so that the reader is sticking to your blog, which means that what you write, the readers are understanding.

For example,  Mister X wrote a topic about premium SEO plugins, and he was not happy with the comments he was getting. Before publishing, some of the questions that you should use to ask yourself were:

  • When you see the content of the blog with affiliate links, how do you feel?
  • Have you covered other topics related to this post coming in your same niche in your blog?
  • Have you ever told your readers about the benefits of SEO before, why SEO is important for their blog?

Solution: Create a content strategy for your blog. From the most basic to the most advanced, cover every topic that comes in your niche, which you can do. This will help a beginner who will come to your blog for the first time. Now as your blog moves from the most beginner to the most advanced topics, your readership will increase.

Blog without any  materialistic view

There is some motive behind blogging, and when I started, my motive was just to share knowledge.

Whatever I liked, I would write about it. Money and fan following was never in my mind. The first few “thankyou” comments helped me to stay motivated so that I could write more.

This is my story, maybe you will be different.

When your blog has materialistic motives, you forget the fundamental truth of blogging:

  • Bloggers write blogs, because they love blogging!

Your blog is your personal space, you should write anything on it, in which you are interested and which you like to write. Soon you will find such people who would like to read your content and follow you.

Never blogging for money and never pay much attention to build fan-following. Blogging for yourself, and you will set out to become a great blogger!

Forget Social Networking, and just focus on Blogging

I know that social networking is important. It is also one of the biggest demotivating factors for bloggers.

When you sit in your room for hours, and your mind changes when a person puts their best past Las Vegas trip photos on social media.

To be honest, when I see such posts, my mind becomes like this! My mind tries to get out of my office and I also start thinking of plans to go to a new destination.

Although I know that there will be such a time in my life, but for now, I only have to focus on my goals.

The constant updates from social media are quite distracting and unhealthy. They divert your attention from your goals.

You should only use social media to make real-life connections.

For some other use of social media, read:

Have a business plan for your blog

Blog business plan

Create a business plan for your blog. If you want to earn money, make a plan for this too! Create a Content generation plan, a blog monetization, a marketing and a growth plan.

Over time, your blog plan will change according to your readership and the needs of your blog’s readers and you will have to adapt a new plan accordingly.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Do not blogging for money only.
  • Blogging for Passion, and for yourself.
  • Before publishing a post, ask yourself a question: Is this post also helping one person? If yes, then press Publish button.
  • Ignore other blogs and bloggers who de-motivate instead of motivating you.
  • When you see other, successful blogs, then think what they did to reach here and whether you can take such actions…

Remember, it takes time to achieve success, and you cannot become a successful blogger in just one or two days. You will have to do hard and smart work.

Whenever you feel demotivated about blogging, stop, and ask yourself this question:

  • Why did I start blogging and why am I blogging right now?

Look at your old content and read the positive comments made by people there. This will remove your demotivation.

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