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How to play Ludo King online and offline?

Ludo King game is available for both Android and iOS and is also very easy to play.

In a country like Pakistan, there are many sports which are played at home, to overcome boredom. ‘Ludo’ is one of those games. However, as digital has become digital, games have also been digitized. ‘Ludo King’ is the digital version of the game and it is no surprise that the game is rapidly evolving in Pakistan to compete with popular multiplayer games such as PUBG and Call of Duty. Today, due to COVID-19, Coronavirus, lockdown is implemented across the country, due to which many people have turned away from their friends and family. However, if you are looking for a way to spend time by connecting with friends and family while keeping social distancing, then ‘Ludo King’ is the best option for you. The good thing is that you can play this digital game like ‘Ludo King’ both online and offline.

Ludo King is available for both Android and Apple phones and is also very easy to play. The graphics of the game are not so great and at times the dice of Ludo can also give a strange experience, but still playing this game is a different fun. You can spend many hours playing this game with your friends and it is so easy and entertaining to play that you will recommend playing it to those who do not play Ludo without any hesitation.

How to play Ludo King with Friends online

Before you start, you and your friends wishing to play this game have to download and install the ‘Ludo King’ game on their phones. You can download Ludo King from Google Play Store and iOS App Store . Like we told you earlier that you can play this game both online and offline. So let’s first know how to play it online-

 1. First of all go to the ‘Google Play Store’ of your Android phone and install the ‘Ludo King’ app. At the same time, if you have an Apple phone, you can download this app from the App Store.

2. After installing the game, open it and log in as ‘Guest’. You can also connect it to your Facebook account, but it is not necessary to do this to play with friends. Complete the further setup after choosing the Guest option.

3. After completing setup, you will see the main menu of the game. Now you can start playing this game with your friends by default or you can also play a ‘snake-ladder’ game by tapping on the icon next to the settings. In this article we focus only on ‘Ludo King’.

4. Tap ‘Play with Friends’ to play ‘Ludo King’ with friends sitting far away.

5. On the next screen you will be given the option to choose your color. After this you will see two options ‘Create and Join’. In CREATE you can generate your room and code, which your friends will join. If you want to join your friend’s room, then tap on ‘Join’. Here you will be asked for the code that your friend will have, after entering this code you can join the game with your friends.

6. After creating the room, you have to set the entry-amount which is at least 100 coins. Now you will get the code, which you have to share with your friends with whom you want to play this game. You can send this code through WhatsApp, SMS, email etc.

7. This game will start when all the members of the game join.

8. Tap ‘Dice’ to start the game and play your turn. In this game you will also get the facility to chat with your friends. For this, you have to click on ‘chat bubble’, here you can send a message by writing. Apart from this, you can also send fun emoji to your friends. The price of an emoji will be 10 quins, which will make you feel a bit awkward.

How to play Ludo King with friends offline

If your friends or family members are present with you, then you can play Ludo King with them in ‘Pass N Play Mode’. This is the way-

1. First go to the game menu and tap on ‘Pass N Play’ here.

2. Choose here whether you all want to play this game separately or as a team of two members.

3. After making this choice, add the names of all the players to the game and then choose their respective colors.

4. Keep in mind that you are playing this game on your device, then turn off all notifications and alerts coming in the phone so that other members do not have trouble playing. If your phone has a gaming mode, you can block incoming calls and notifications, this will double the fun of playing Ludo King.

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