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How to Prepare for CSS 2021? A comprehensive guide

Passing the civil service exam (CSS) is a dream of every talented student. They work hard to succeed in this exam, but success is only a few steps away. According to the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) report, 12,176 people out of 20,717 candidates appeared in the examination in 2018 and only 567 of them passed the written test while in 2019, 372 out of 9391 candidates had a taste of the test.

These results prove that if you plan to take the civil service exam, keep in mind that you have to compete with thousands of students. It is not difficult to qualify for the Civil Service Examination if you prepare it on the right lines. Many students do not even qualify for the exam after all the hard work because their preparation is not correct. They do not know what to read and how to prepare. Hard work brings colour when the direction is right.


The best way to do this is to use the experiences of those who have succeeded in this test. The CSS exam actually examines your aptitude, academic ability and your professional attitude in various disciplines. The faster your mind, understanding and intelligence work, the better you are at present, then you will be able to qualify for the CSS exam. In addition, you should have a thorough mastery of your subjects, not just biblical knowledge, but it also includes the creativity factor, so that when you are writing your essays in the exam, they confirm that you have many inside. Count the numbers. Let us know which topics are important to access.

English essay for CSS

You are given 10 topics, on which you have to write comprehensible articles of 2500 to 3,000 words in English, which is one of the topics that may impress you most. This article is taken to read your style, correct grammar, creativity, imagination and expressions. Remember, the article is not a collection of phrases, but rather contains many things that affect the reader. First of all, you should understand the layout of the Essay. Check out her story, what her introductory paragraph would be like, or how she would conclude the entire article. In this context, you have to demonstrate the correct use of the written ability, grammar, vocabulary and vocabulary etc. You can also read previous articles for this.

Current Affairs for CSS

In the first part of this paper, you have to mark the correct answers (MCQs) of the 20 questions while in the second part you have to write the answers to four of the six questions. For this, you have to read the newspapers daily, as well as listen to the news on TV and radio. Along with historical awareness, you also need to know the current social, cultural and religious issues.

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General Science for CSS

It is also a page containing MCQs and written questions, which ask questions related to everyday science such as global warming, pollution, greenhouse effect and more. Along with scientific issues, you may also face questions from biology, chemistry and physics. If you have read these articles in Matriculation and Inter then it will not be a problem for you.

The situation in Pakistan for CSS

This page asks questions related to political, social and economic activities in Pakistan. That is why you have to keep an eye on all these activities. There may also be questions about relations with neighbouring countries. You will need to read books of Pakistan in this regard. You should study newspapers and magazines regularly.

Islamic Studies for CSS

It is also a page containing MCQs and written questions. For this, you need to know about Islam and its application. It also covers the topics of Islamic beliefs and Islamic history. For this, you should check out Interviewer Bachelor of Islamic Books You should have the basic information as well as the ability to explain the social and political scene from its Islamic point of view.

Optional Subjects for CSS

There is a long list of the optional subjects, in which the topics are ranked. You should choose subjects that you can easily pass in your preparation and orientation. First, you look at the available subjects, then study their course. Select which of these subject is of interest to you and which you already know well. This will be decided by your Inter or Bachelor’s favourite subjects.

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