How to Prepare MDCAT with University? (A Success Story)


(My story from MCAT to NMDCAT , a story from failure to a success )

You might not be able to relate it as a whole but you definitely find some emotions and feelings that can be relatable. I was not an extraordinary student, however, I was a hardworking student from very beginning. I made my family proud on many occassions. I was not a topper but always stood first in my academy and school.In the 9th class, I got 94% then after a lot of prayers and hard work I secured 95%.Then i changed my subject from computer to Bio and started working hard because I find this subject very difficult for me at that time. In first year, I secured 455/505; this result made me shattered. But i stood up again and worked hard but ended up with 1000/1100. At that time I was like “ab nai ho pye ga mujh say”, but I started prep of MCAT 2018 with whole heatedly and I was very active student of my session. At the test day, I was nervous but confident regarding my prepration. I attempted the test but i did a blunder. I filled 3 bubbles wrong but I was sure that I’ll get admission in public sector but merit was little high from my expectation.

I was in pain at that time, a person who never had to face any failure in her whole life had lost her medical entrance exam. That was really tough time for me. I was seeing all my dreams shaterring to pieces. My mother remained calm to pacify me but my brother who worked a lot for me, motivated me a lot. I asked Allah “why me” I was crying a lot but He made me calm by realizing me my efforts; you can and you will’, an inner voice spoke.

I started preparation again but after few months, I was checking merit lists, I found my name in the merit list of Bds. I was selected in nishtar institute of dentistry but due to health issues I left that opportunity. In 2019, I appeared in test again but I failed. The girl who used to make her parents proud had let them down, for the second time in life. I was like a person at that time who had nothing to do, whose life is useless; suicidal thoughts came to my mind, again he was my brother who motivated me again. I decided to take admission in university but my brother convinced me to give one more attempt. And I started my preparation with new passion and motivation with Leap. Sir talha’s posts inspired me a lot and i overcame my weakness. And then Pmc changed the syllabus. It became difficult for me to manage and i ended this year with aggregate 90.45. Ahhhhh! enough …I was not made for this field….”you can and you will “,my inner voice was now lost in the sea of sadness.

♥️So i applied for Bs physics and got selected. I regularly attented the classes and prepared assignments and prensentions with full efforts. My brother once again motivated me for the preparation of NMDCAT alongwith BS Physics. Sir Talha also contacted me and asked me about my future plan. Then I replied, Sir I am repeating. Sir encouraged me a lot.

I find it difficult to manage both at a time but after a few days I learnt to manage it. I tried to complete my task in uni and gave 2-3 hours at home …then after some rest I started the preparation of nmdcat. I gave special attention to nmdcat and uni is my 2nd priority at that time. I tried my best to stuck to books whole day. I tried my best to gave a look to the books of other provinces(kpk,sindh)

At test day, I was very confident as my brother told me you had nothing to lose. I offered Salaat ul Hajah and Pray to Allah for my success. And then went to test Hall. While attempting test, I was very calm because test was not dfficult. It was from the syllabus that I learnt. After that when Icame home, my result was 168/210, I was shocked and sad, but my brother said to me, dont worry, these marks are enough to get admission. I kept praying and after post analysis my result was 187/210…it was the result which i was expecting before analysis but Allah has better planning…and has best time zone for everyone♥️……my aggregate is 92.1Alhamdulillah after 4 years of struggle……in these years i saw many ups and downs… Where are ups….i come close to Allah……..Allah heals me always…He made me strong enough to cope all the difficulties.He gave me strength to manage nmdcat with university….

In this difficult era of my life,Sir talha and sir irfan (from Leap)are the best motivator for me…they helped me a lot in every situation….Indeed Leap is the best platform where everyone is like your friend…

Last I want to say just work hard with definite aim,make a lot of dua,be an optimistic person and have a definite faith on Allah’s plan🌸♥️

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