How to Rank your Fiverr Gig on First Page? An Ultimate Guide

Fiverr is the largest freelancing marketplace in the world with million of users across the world. The freelancer who enters this market needs to create a gig of his/her services which he/she offers. When a customer or a buyer see the gig he/she orders his/her project on the page. So, the basic struggle of this marketplace is creating a perfect gig which can easily rank on the first page of search result.

Fiverr has similar alogrithms as of Google and other search engines, and is maintained by aritificial intellignece. The one who understands the working principle of Fiverr’s search engine can easily rank the gig on first page. Here is my first hand experience to rank a gig on Fiverr.

1. Use Short Title

The title of your gig should be precise and unique with the proper subject keyword involved. The buyer usually attracts towards the short title as they are easy to understand and easy to read. The title matters alot as it is the basic thing which can be lead generating.

2. Find Right Keyword

Keyword is the life of any content and if it is properly inserted in the text it can ehance the worth as it is easily detectable by search engines. You should spend your time on fiverr to gather some keywords relevant to your niche and see if they are searchable or not. Right keyword choice is always good to rank on the first page of fiverr.

3. Write a Precise Description

Instead of copying and pasting gig descriptions, consult the top 15 ranked gigs in your industry. Write a precise description after consulting ranked gigs.

4. Design attractive Gig Image

You may utilise the primary keyword from your title as a subheading when designing a gig picture, for example, “I will conduct the best YouTube video SEO to increase video ranking.” Decide on a key heading, such as “YouTube video rating.” In the gig picture, provide four key bullet items and the phrase “delivery time less than 24 hours.”

5. Price your Service accoding to Market

Select our gig’s entry-level bundle. By looking at the top-rated sellers and choosing the time of delivery for our basic package, you can set your pricing at $5.

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