If I were the prime minister of Pakistan: Rida Hamna Iftikhar

Rida Hamna Iftikhar

The Prime minister of a country is the person who is the one who can bring change only if he wishes to. It isn’t easy at all to do things for the public because every person who has been the prime minister of Pakistan has been struggling for years to get that seat and in that specific time limit has been making different promises of bringing change, of making life easy for the public, of education, equality, etc

but after getting that seat completely forgets those promises. This is the reason My country is facing so many problems from the economy to education, from health to poverty. From electricity to the energy crisis, From child labor to child abuse, from corruption to unemployment.

There isn’t any issue from which my country isn’t going through just because of the failure of the governments. I want to see all these problems removed from my country if I were the prime minister of Pakistan.I, first of all, would select my team,it must have to be a deserving team, a competent, a hard-working and above all an honest team which instead of working for its benefits or personal gains would work for its homeland and if someone failed to meet these criteria he wouldn’t be a part of my team.

Secondly, I would try my best to decrease the poverty rate by reducing the taxes and bills by giving relief to the public. When the taxes and bills would be low poverty itself would decrease.I would make a rule that those who belong to high class and are financially strong would have to pay more taxes than those who are financially weak. I would stand against child labor and the torture on children.

Not a single child would be allowed to work and every single child would go to school for education and those forcing them for labor would be punished be it the employers or their own parents.I would stand against child abuse and would hang the culprits of child abuse publicly, would torture them publicly to such an extent that no one will think of doing that sin again. I would also stand for the transgender community. I would never allow anyone to discriminate them.they would have rights like other genders and any person who would try to bully or torture them would be seen behind the bars.

I would make education free for them and would make sure to get them some honorable jobs and to let them spend life with dignity.I would stand for women’s rights and would make them work shoulder to shoulder with the men of my country.they would be having rights wherever my religion has given them rights. By providing equal rights to women I would easily change the perception of people about daughters who call them burden they would see the same daughters as a blessing if women would be given equal rights. if women, men and the transgender community all these three genders would work together my country itself would make progress.

I would try my best to end illiteracy by providing free education and building educational institutes all over the country to ensure quality education. I would make education compulsory up to high school and would provide free education to those who wouldn’t be able to afford it.I would provide shelters to the homeless.I would not allow any other department to interfere in the government as we have seen in the previous governments and the current government. if my country would be going through any pandemic like COVID 19 I instead of telling them not to worry would make them worry and would force them to stay at homes.

I wouldn’t lift the lockdown up until that virus doesn’t go away completely. I would completely remove corruption from my motherland. I would punish every single person behind corruption be it a person from the government or a person from the opposition. I would completely change the judicial system which only promises to gibe justice but never provides justice. I would try my best to make the police of my country exactly like the title it has been given “the custodians of the law” As the prime minister of a country I would look into all the problems whether they are bigger or smaller and would try my best to solve them.

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