Important Practical of Physics Class 12 All Punjab Boards

If you are an FSC Class 12 student seeking for important practical of Physics Class 12 in pdf format, we have provided the FSc 12 Class Physics Practicals Notes Solved pdf Download or you can read it online from the link below.

This notebook is intended for FSc. Physics students. For assisting them with their physics laboratory practicals. Theory and long procedures are purposefully avoided.

Before the student departs the laboratory, observations and computations must be completed and signed by the teacher. I inserted the readings in the blank tables as guides only. It’s a novel concept! These readings are not flawless.

List of Content


A. Method for plotting a graph.
B. To plot a graph between current and capacity.
C. Graph Illustration
D. Eleven different graphs

Standard Experiments

1. To find the resistance of a wire by slide wire bridge.
2. To find the resistance of a Galvanometer by half deflection method.
3.To find the resistance of a voltmeter by drawing graph beta
Rand 1/V.
4. Variation of resistance of thermistor with temperature.
5. Conversion of galvanometer into Ammeter.
6. Conversion of galvanometer into Voltmeter.
7. To find the internal resistance of a cell using a Potentiometer.
8. To determine the emf of a cell using a Potentiometer.
9.Relation between current passing through a tungsten filament la and the potential applied across it.
10. Variation of magnetic field along the axis of a circular coil
11. Charging and discharging of a capacitor and to measure time constant
12. Relation between current and capacitance when different capacitors are used in A.C. circuit.
13. Characteristics of a semiconductor diode and calculation of forward and reverse current resistance.
14. Characteristics of a NPN transistor
15. Study of the variation of electric current with intensity of light
using a photocell.
16. To estimate the value of Planck’s constant by using photo cell
tube and coloured light filters.
17. Measurement of D.C. and A.C. voltage by Cathode Ray Oscilloscope.
18. a) To verify truth table for OR gate.
b) To verify truth table for AND gate.
c) To verify truth table for NOT gate.
19. To make burglar alarm using NAND gate
20. To mako a fire alarm using NOT gate.
21. Characteristics of a G.M, tube.
22. Determination of high resistance by Neon flash lamp
23. To determine the elm of electron by deflection method (teltron tube) 70
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