Important statement of Shafqat Mahmood regarding opening of educational institutions

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mehmood has said that in view of the situation in Karuna, it is not possible to reopen schools on time, adding that the duration of summer vacations should be shortened and no one should pass without examination. Will

Talking to host Maria Memon on ARY News program Question is, the Federal Minister of Education said that due to the second wave of Corona, schools were forced to close, due to our timely action, Corona cases did not increase. Happened

“I am concerned that the children will not go to school. Tomorrow there is a meeting of the education ministers of all the provinces in which a decision will be taken to open schools in the future keeping in view the current situation,” he said.

“The coronavirus is still spreading rapidly. The future will be decided in consultation tomorrow, taking into account the opinion of the Ministry of Education on opening schools. In the current situation, it is not possible for schools to open on time,” he said. ‘

“Right now we are considering how and when to open the schools as most of the primary school children have been affected. We will try our best to open the primary schools first,” he said.

He said that so far only the proposal to open schools in phases has come up, which if implemented, will be the first to open primary schools.

“Examinations should be held in May and June. Examinations for medical colleges will be decided by the Ministry of Health. This time no student will pass without the examination. The examinations will be held in any case,” he said.

“The risk of coronation is still very high, 70 people died yesterday. I am not in favor of reducing the syllabus during the school holidays. We are trying to reduce the summer vacations so that the course,” he said. To be completed.

It may be recalled that the government had announced closure of all educational institutions across the country from November 26 to January 10 and said that if the situation in Karuna improves, educational institutions will be reopened from January 11, before which the situation will be reviewed.

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