In 2020, 31 species of animals became extinct

Details of endangered species in 2020 have been released by the World Organization for the Conservation of Biological Species.

According to a statement issued by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the “red list” has been updated this month, after which 31 species of wild animals, including fish, sharks and frogs, have been declared extinct. There are many other types too.

According to the IUCN’s Global Species Program, there are 128,918 biological species in the world, of which more than one-third, or 35,000 to 765 species, are endangered. Extinct endangered species include freshwater animals and one-third of plants and trees.

According to the list, 45% of mammals, 40% of aquatic and terrestrial animals, 14% of birds and 33% of sharks are at risk of extinction.

According to a list released by the IUCN, the Lost Shark, 17 species of freshwater fish, three Central American frogs have become extinct and 22 are at risk of extinction.

In addition, the report includes all endangered species of freshwater dolphins in the category of endangered species.

In addition, the wild buffalo species Basan Bonassus, found in Europe, has been moved to a slightly safer category from endangered species this year. The statement also said that the problem of extinction of biodiversity is becoming more serious.

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