Increase in the popularity of free, small and mobile libraries in Corona Lockdown

Phoenix: After the March lockdown in the United States, people have launched their own mobile and free libraries. They include Christian Gail, who works at the library and started keeping books in car trunks, small boxes in parks and glass cases.

Although the practice of small beautiful libraries in parks and public places has been growing for many years, this trend is growing rapidly after the lockdown. This trend is also spreading in other countries of the world.

In March 2020, a Hudson NGO completed a donation of 100,000 books, exclusively for Latin and Mexican people. People across the United States are using these libraries in large numbers.

The Free Library organization also cleans libraries and replaces weekly books. According to Janelle, a Michigan woman, 300 people in her area did not have access to the public library. So they have launched a small mobile library.

Similarly, internet facilities are not available in Yosemite Valley and there are also book lovers. Now people keep coming here to the mobile library. Similarly, many libraries have been built from Mexico to North Carolina.

Naeem Ur Rehman

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