India’s unique formula for making more money in Cricket

Hart has come up with a unique formula to make more money in less time. At the same time, separate teams of Tests and limited overs can be fielded. If IPL does not happen this year, BCCI will lose Rs 3,800 crore. In the past, Australia has tried to play two different teams at a time.

According to details, the Indian Cricket Board has started considering various options to compensate for the time and revenue lost due to the corona virus, including the proposal to field two separate teams at the same time. If this is done, then separate red and white ball teams can be formed which will play series from different countries at the same time, with the aim of making maximum money in less time when cricket activities are restored.

If the IPL is not held this year due to lack of insurance, the Indian Cricket Board will lose a total of Rs 3,800 crore. In the current situation, the BCCI officials have not given any deadline for the T20 tournament. Are unable Similarly, the host broadcaster is also expected to lose a total of Rs 3269 crore, which was acquired in 2018 by Indian cricket rights for Rs 6138 crore.

Although feeding two separate league teams at the same time is logistically no less than a nightmare, it could give the board a chance to limit its losses, with the South African team playing an ODI series against India in March due to the corona virus. Without going back, the England team’s tour for a limited overs series in September and October of the same year also looks in jeopardy, which will further increase the loss of the BCCI. “None of us know when international cricket will resume,” an official said.

However, if we have to protect the interests of all our stakeholders, then we can play Test and T20 series by selecting 2 separate squads at the same time. It may be recalled that Australia had also experienced this in February 2017. The team faced Sri Lanka in a T20 match on February 22 in Adelaide and started the Test series with India in Pozna the next day.

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