Inferiority Complex A Set of Thoughts

The inferiority complex is a set of thoughts in our minds. When we compare ourselves to others, we put ourselves down and feel like we’re less than others and give less value to our abilities than others.

Unconscious psychological and emotional factors can cause an inferiority complex and affect the learning process and performance at the workplace.

It is a variegated form of uncertainty, low self-esteem, and doubts in our minds, and it impacts our relationships, social connections, work performance, and mainly our thinking pattern.

It may arise from our wrong perspective and insecurities, particularly when we compare ourselves with other people and try to compensate for our weak points.

We blame ourselves for everything and do not value our abilities and strength. In this way, we keep discouraging our determination.

This outlook ends up in feelings of disappointment, lack of enthusiasm, anger, aggression, sadness, and a miserable feeling of guilt of these feelings.

Feeling inferior is not a disorder

It restores health, strength, and well-being at different levels of life; it is positive in many cases. When this feeling of inferiority becomes irrational and chronic, it is called an “inferiority complex.”

The inferiority complex is a disarrangement of thought patterns. If we assertively set our thought pattern, we’ll be able to overcome the inferiority complex.

What Causes Inferiority Complex?

  • bullying (ongoing of misuse of power in a relationship or negative social behaviors)
  • discouragement or failure
  • mental abuse,  physical abuse, emotional abuse
  • the need for perfection

Signs of inferiority complex

  • Separation from other
  • blame others and nature for all mishappenings in your life
  • You feel degraded and lack of self-worth
  • feel lack of self-confidence
  • You are unable to maintain eye contact with others
  • may feel you’re worthless, less confident, less motivated
  • You become anxious in a perplexing situation
  • You may feel shyness to interact with the people
  • Sometimes, you get jealous when you see another’s success stories
  • Attention seeking behavior
  • The feeling of worthlessness, futility and low self-possession and fear of rejection

7 mindful step to overcome your inferiority complex

1. Build your confidence

Positive thinking, learning new things and communication are all best ways to enhance your confidence level. Do everything with a strong belief. Believe in your abilities.

Surround yourself with positive people

Spend time with the positive people, you can arrange meaningful conversation with them, share your problem or seek their motivation when you feel demotivated and less confident.

Take a mental break

Spend time in playing some games and go for a trip. Do something that gives you happiness and a mental break. It will boost your energy and rewire you into a positive zone.


Gratitude is a beautiful thing. It makes you gratified and happier. Be thankful for everything that you have, gratitude lessens the sensation of inferiority and heal you internally and you become content in your life.

Be You

Stop wanting to be like others. You’re unique, you have your own personality, don’t chase others, follow your own dreams, don’t desire to be someone else. Be you. Yes! You can follow someone as a mentor but be true to yourself.

Be kind

Be kind to yourself. Love yourself and do self-care of your mind, body and soul. Do deep breathing exercise and meditation. It connects you internally. Enjoy every moment of your life and do the things that you simply love.

Find the stimulus of your feeling

Inferiority complex could also be caused by some negative experiences in the past. It may be a futile experience at work place or a bad childhood experience or a tragic incident. Some thoughts are connected with a particular incident which can trigger feeling of inferiority. No need to escape from these feelings or thoughts, reflect on them and try to overcome them. Simply identify that feeling which triggers the feeling of inferiority and take a look at to deal with it.

There is a link for self-esteem test, it will help you assess yourself, and if you try it, give me feedback in the comment section.

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