Inflation has risen, the salary of the salaried class is not enough, Prime Minister

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that inflation has risen and the salary of the salaried class is not enough.

Addressing a passing out ceremony at Islamabad Police Lines, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the nation cannot develop without protection of property and life, the army protects the life and property of the nation at the borders and the police are the people in the country. Protects, but the police have not yet created the place they deserve.

Imran Khan said that during cricket I used to get a lot of offers to play cricket in South Africa, if I played there I would get a lot of money but I would not get respect because it would force me to support the racist government there, in front of everyone. There are two paths of human greatness and satanism. It is not easy to follow the path of goodness but success in it. The path of goodness is difficult and the path of sin is easy but the path of destruction of sin is clear. In hand
The Prime Minister said that the salary of the salaried class is not enough for anyone including the police, inflation has been rising for many years, the salaries are not as much as they should be, the politicians who were given a lot of opportunity by Allah and became the head of the country. There were two ways in front of them and they could earn halal, but they have to walk on the path that is a lesson today, they have so much money that they do not know it themselves, but never go to the hospitals. They are spending some time abroad, their children are also fleeing abroad, children have to lie to save their father’s theft, what is the use of such money, this money is the punishment of Allah, in big palaces God knows what is happening to the people who live.

Imran Khan said that inshallah I will talk to Hafeez Sheikh to make the salary of Islamabad police equal to that of Punjab police. I am not the king but the prime minister so I have to ask my finance minister. The federal government has also cut spending by 60 to 70 percent, and by 40 billion.

The Prime Minister further said that the current account surplus has been created due to government measures, everything is in the country, only governance needs to be fixed, until our income increases, the whole nation will have to be patient, the situation looks better. If the income increases, we will increase the salaries of all government employees, we will give health cards to the Islamabad police.

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