Instagram is now down, users all over the world are complaining about crashes

To many people around the world, Instagram seems to be down. The problem seems to be distributed unevenly, with it working for certain people, not for others. With Instagram users turning to Twitter and other social media to vent about outages, the week of downtime continues with one more high-profile outage. Now on Twitter, the hashtag #Instagramdown is trending, and some Android users have told us that their app has crashed, while others have confirmed that it still works perfectly.

So far the official Instagram handle on Twitter has not posted anything about the outage, but it is obvious from the trending hashtag that this is a common problem. Instagram’s problems began to pick up momentum at around 5 PM on Friday, according to the website status trackers at DownDetector, and seem to have peaked at around 8 PM.

Only a little earlier this month, Instagram and other Facebook items such as WhatsApp and Messenger, along with Facebook, were all down as well. The downtime was mostly recorded in most parts of Europe during that outage, although it also increased and affected other regions.

A number of famous sites which have faced outages this week are entering the image sharing social network. At the beginning of the week, we saw a big Google outage, and on Thursday, Netflix was down as well. On Thursday, the Telegram instant messaging platform experienced an outage, and Instagram, owned by Facebook, entered this growing list on Friday.

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