Interview of President PMC Dr Naushad Shaikh regarding MDCAT

President PMC Dr. Naushad says that at present PMC has the authority to conduct the test of students. The situation will be clear in one or two months

Talking about the postponement of MDCAT, Prof. Naushad says that there is a flood situation in the country at the moment due to the desire of Sindh, Balochistan and the federal government so that no child is left out of the medical college admission this year. , he stated that no final date has been decided yet regarding the MDCAT test, the Health Minister had said during the visit to the PMC that the issue should be resolved which apparently can be said. That in the first or second week of November we will be able to conduct the MDCAT

He said that we have clear instructions from the government that whatever MDCAT is conducted will be done with the help of the public sector universities in the provinces. A meeting will be held after which examination centers will be set up at 5 different locations across the country, while the same universities will assist the PMC regarding the results, but the final list will be made according to the decided merit list.

Explaining further in this regard, President PMC said that due to the flood situation we have in Sindh and Balochistan, it is possible to conduct the test in Punjab, KP and Islamabad first, but efforts will be made to conduct the test across the country. MDCAT should be conducted on the same day so that no student’s objections are raised and there is no difference in merit.

Talking about the online test, he said that the online test that was conducted was basically an impossible thing, the online test was being completed in 30 to 35 days, but under the earlier traditional system, we For taking the test, different universities will be asked to conduct the test or we can conduct the test ourselves

He stated that a total of 200,000 students in Pakistan have registered for MDCAT and taking their online test will be a one and a half month process. So there must be a server problem somewhere

He said that we opened our portal for these students for 15 days so that the students of the flood affected areas can get a chance to apply again due to which we have registered another 4 thousand new students while the passing percentage is also high. The reduction has been reduced due to the large number of students failing MDCAT last year, many of our seats remained vacant and more than 16,000 children went abroad to study, causing distress to their families. And Pakistan lost about 15 billion dollars, but we have made a student-friendly policy which is good for their future.

Answering the critics, he said that various things are being said about lowering the standards, he asked if the student who comes from China and Russia will be good? “That kid is below our bad standard but we still accept him if he clears NLE, so we will give our students an opportunity to study here,” he said.

Regarding MDCAT, he again said that the consultation is going on with the health secretary and other officials and the date of the test will be announced soon, but the portal is still open for children, they can apply, but our efforts KP, Punjab and Islamabad will be tested on one day while Sindh and Balochistan will be tested on one day

Talking about the pattern of the test, President PMC said that this time there is no change in the pattern, the syllabus will be the same so that the children who have completed the preparation will not have any problem regarding the syllabus. If they already have it, they should prepare accordingly

Talking about the weightage of the test, he said that 50% weightage will be taken from the students who pass the test, while 40% weightage will be taken from the inter marks and 10% weightage will be related to matric marks so that those who get good marks in matric inter Students can also be benefited, along with this 10% marks are reserved for our protected and disabled children but the final approval of this proposal will be given by the council.

Talking about the carbon copy, he said that an effort will be made to provide a carbon copy like the first one, however, he said that the decision may change according to the situation, but this is the possibility.

Talking about the fees, he said that the students will not need to pay any more fees

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