Is Corona’s fear more dangerous than Corona itself?

The recent outbreak of the epidemic has sent shockwaves through the world, and even the simplest of purchases, such as bargains, can be deadly. Many people think they have symptoms of the corona virus, but this is not the case.

In an article published in Arab News, Dima al-Khadir explains whether Anan works with the American International School in Jeddah. She holds a master’s degree in Saudi licensed psychology and mental health.

Regarding the effects of the mind on the body in a state of fear, she says: “In my opinion, the best way to check the connection between mental and physical health is a kind of ecosystem.

“Instead of focusing on one point, we need to look at it as a whole because different things are interconnected.
A small change can create such waves that the whole environment can be affected. ‘

In psychology, stress is considered as emotional stress and burden. It affects a person’s thoughts, feelings and dealings with others and has a number of negative health effects.

He added: “Some people’s heart rate increases, some people feel tightness in the stomach. Research shows that when there is pressure, the digestive system loses its strength, which can affect the digestive system and result in ulcers.

“Adrenaline (a substance that travels through the brain to the glands) released during stress can cause ulcers, fatigue and muscle aches. Stress can also affect the immune system by raising blood pressure.

Stress can be dealt with in a healthy way by treating fear and anxiety as a normal response, Annan said.
“Examine your emotions and evaluate which reactions will benefit you and which are ways that are not always negative. It can be a problem when it comes to controlling our lives or hindering our goals. “

“One of the best ways to avoid fear is to compare fear and reality and separate what you can control or change and what you can’t,” he explained.

“Be aware of the necessary precautions, wear masks and gloves whenever you go to public places, keep a proper distance from people, and wash your hands,” Ann said. Keep reminding yourself that you can recover from an illness and that doesn’t mean you have to live with it for the rest of your life. “

Majid Khattab, a senior psychologist with the Saudi Commission for Health, says the connection between mind and body is two-way. The state of mind affects the body and so does the body affect the mind.

He told Arab News: “Fear is a common emotion that is useful in preparing the body to react appropriately at times, but what has a clear negative effect on us is the exaggeration of fear, which is common. As a result of the distance between the future and the expected danger.

Persistent fear triggers the psychological term Fight R Flight (run or run) in the human body, which puts a lot of pressure on the body, leading to signs of fatigue, including weakness of the immune system, and In this way we become an easy target in the face of disease.

He added that sometimes fear leads a person to misinterpret his physical health.
“It can make us think we’re sick, or it can make us feel worse.”

Khattab said it was important to realize that the goal was not to eliminate fear, but to know how to control it by knowing as much as possible about fear and its causes.

In the case of an epidemic of code 19, proper knowledge of the virus from reputable sources is the key to reducing fear, taking the necessary steps and preventing the spread of the disease.
 He explained that a patient’s mental state can affect how he or she perceives symptoms. A calm and flexible state of mind is usually helpful in recovery.

“It is important for a coronavirus patient to talk openly with their doctor so that they can have solid hope for the disease. It is certain that the majority of patients recover completely, while there are a small number of patients who recover despite complications.

Khattab said the importance of the effect of sophisticated factors on a disease is recognized in the medical field.
“Older people or other high-risk groups have more difficulty coping with stress after being exposed to code 19, which can have a negative impact on the recovery process. Therefore, it is important that their stress is taken seriously and dealt with appropriately.

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