Joe Biden, Kamala Harris sworn in: What was the atmosphere like in Washington DC before the swearing-in of the newly elected US President?

US President-newly elected Joe Biden is set to take over the reins of a nation that is currently plagued by a global epidemic, economic inequality, and deep political divisions after being sworn in on Wednesday.

Along with Biden, newly elected Vice President Kamala Harris will also take the oath of office in Washington DC. In view of the unrest, 25,000 security personnel have been deployed to guard the event in Washington DC.

According to journalists currently in Washington, the capital of the world’s most powerful country is on the battlefield. Just hours before the inauguration of the newly elected president and vice president, the situation in the United States is unprecedented.

Security is tight not only in Washington DC but in almost all 50 states in the United States.
Concerns over a recurrence of a swearing-in ceremony on Capitol Hill by Trump supporters have worried many.

(Security in Washington DC)

Iron fences have been erected on the roads leading to the capital and thousands of security personnel are patrolling the streets. Road blocks have been installed in the city center.

Armed men with face masks have been deployed in the streets to check vehicles and ensure the smooth flow of traffic.

In the capital, Washington, D.C., 25,000 National Guard personnel have been deployed.

Authorities have received reports that the rioters on Capitol Hill were receiving help from within. Following similar reports, security personnel stationed there are also being screened for possible links to radical elements.

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