Kabul Hospital Attack: Couple Adopts Baby Girl ‘For Humanity’

Everything was going as usual in the maternity ward of Dasht-e-Barchi Hospital in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, until 10 am on Tuesday, and after successful deliveries, many babies were opening their eyes to the world.

Unidentified assailants then opened fire at the hospital. Newborns, many mothers and hospital nurses were killed and injured in the attack.

Although many newborns survived the attack, their mothers did not live in this world.

According to Afghan officials, the hospital was attacked by three armed assailants on Tuesday, killing 24 people, including newborns. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, but the Taliban have denied any involvement.

One such girl who survived the attack has been adopted by Fakhruddin Jami, an engineer in Kabul, and his wife, Dr. Mursal Breen.

Fakhruddin Jami told the BBC that he had “adopted this girl only as a human being”.

“We had a son eight months ago. After the birth of my son, my wife and I decided not to have any more children because raising children is a big responsibility in this age.

According to Fakhruddin, when he heard about the attack on the maternity ward on Tuesday and the mothers and children killed, he decided to adopt one of the children whose mother is no more. ۔

He said that there is a father of the girl but there is no woman in the house to take care of the girl so the girl will stay with him from now on. According to Fakhruddin, he plans to go to Canada in the next two years and before that he will complete the legal adoption of the girl.

Fakhruddin Jami said, “When we brought this girl to our house, my wife was happier than me, although I know that the mother cares for the children more than the father and she (the children) cares more for them than me.” Fakhruddin and his wife have not yet named the girl.

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