Kapil Sharma was summoned by the police in a vehicle fraud case

Mumbai: Comedian Kapil Sharma has been summoned by the Mumbai police in a car fraud case.

Kapil Sharma, the host of the popular ‘Kapil Sharma’ show, was summoned by the Mumbai Police yesterday to record a statement in a car fraud case.

According to Indian media reports, Cape Sharma had given an order to Dilp Chabria Design Company to make a vanity van. Which the company could not produce in time. On which Kapil Sharma filed a case against the company.
On the one hand, Kapil Sharma had registered a case against the company and on the other hand, the Mumbai Police had registered a case and arrested the head of the same company involved in illegal activities of the company. During the interrogation, Kapil Sharma was also involved in ordering vehicles for the company and was summoned to give a statement.

Explaining the summons to the media, Kapil Sharma, who recorded a statement at the Mumbai Police Crime Branch, said, “We ordered a vanity van for the company in 2017.” Against whom we have already sued. I have just been informed that this company is involved in vehicle fraud. I was called to record a statement in this regard.

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