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Kashmir Solidarity Day will be celebrated with great enthusiasm on February 5: Sahibzada Pir Shabbir Ahmed Siddiqui

Every Pakistani has to show the whole world the horrific face of Modi and the ongoing persecution of Kashmiris: address
LAHORE (Rana Ali Zohaib) Provincial President of the Muslim Alliance and Central Leader of the Tanzeem Mashaikh Uzzam Pakistan Sahibzada Pir Shabbir Ahmad Siddiqui have said that Kashmir Solidarity Day will be celebrated with great enthusiasm on February 5. He expressed these views while addressing a meeting held at the Central Secretariat on Kashmir Day. Sahibzada Pir Shabbir Ahmad Siddiqui said that on February 5, every Pakistani has to show the horrific face of moodi to the whole world by showing solidarity with Kashmiri brothers and sisters. That will only be possible when every Pakistani comes out of his home on that day to express solidarity with his Kashmiri brothers.

Kashmir solidarity day will be celebrated across the country, organized by the Tanzeem Mashaikh Uzzam Pakistan, Lasani Welfare Foundation and Pakistan Muslim Alliance, he added. He said that rallies; seminars and various events will be organized for solidarity with the Kashmiri brothers, while the main event will be held on 5th Feb at the central secretariat of Tanzeem Mashaik Uzzam Pakistan, in which all religious scholars and public will be present. In this regard, orders have been issued to all district coordinators, Said Sahibzada Pir Shabbir Ahmed Siddiqui.
At the end of the meeting, special prayers were also made for the security and development of the country.

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