Know about Japanese man who is rich despite doing nothing

TOKYO: Shoji Morimoto has been unemployed for some time and is now a popular figure in Japan. He has more than 1.5 million followers on Twitter, while TV and magazines often interview him. They do nothing but meet people and talk to them. They rent themselves out to strangers. Sit, eat and drink with them.

Like a good student, Shoji worked hard and earned a master’s degree in physics. He later became a book editor at a publishing house, but did not get the job in 2017. He then read the writings of the German thinker Friedrich Nietzsche, which changed his life.

In 2018, he announced that if anyone could afford to rent and (if) give him food, he would sit down with cherry blossoms to listen and meet. But then there was a flurry of people on social media and strangers started calling them. He has been nicknamed “Mr. Rental” in Japan and is now so busy that he often leaves home at 8 in the morning and returns by 10 at night.

For a while, they did not charge people and provided their services for free, but if someone offered them an open drink, they would accept it, but they would charge a fare. Later, at the insistence of the people, he started taking some compensation and now he is earning a good amount of money.

They visit a man in a five-star hotel every month and listen to him talk for three hours about his hobbies. One time he became a close friend of the bride at the wedding and the other time he went to court with her in a man’s case to keep the accused in check.

But it also tells the story of loneliness in Japan. In the fast-paced life of Japan, people don’t give each other time. This year alone, more than 3,000 women living alone in the Corona epidemic have committed suicide. A large number of elderly people in Japan are also longing to talk to people.

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