Lemon Water Side Effects: Lemon water is helpful in weight loss, but also know the side effects

Lemon Water Side Effects: Lemonade is a morning tonic taken on an empty stomach, which is beneficial in boosting your metabolism and weight loss. But, do you know that putting sugar in lemonade can spoil the tooth cavities. Lemonade has many side effects. Learn here …

Lemon Water Side Effects

Lemonade is a popular morning tonic which is beneficial in people having better metabolism and rapid weight loss. But lemonade may not be beneficial for everyone. If you are thinking that lemonade will give a kind of result in everyone, then it is not possible. According to lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho, what can benefit another is not necessarily beneficial for you. In his recent live session on Facebook, he stated that lemonade makes your body more alkaline, which in turn helps burn fat. This does not mean that the more lemonade you drink, the more fat you will be able to burn.

Lemon Water: Why is lemonade always the best option for you?

It is important to understand that lemonade is a popular remedy for digestion, metabolism, so it does not mean that it will show the same effect on your body. Whenever you are trying something new, it needs to be done slowly and safely. You should consume it by seeing if it suits your body or not …

Lemonade is a rich source of vitamin C. If it suits you then it is also beneficial in increasing your immunity. It helps to alkaline the body. However, there are some side effects of drinking it which can not be ignored.

1. Drinking 1-3 cups of lemonade in a day is beneficial. Drinking lemon water throughout the day can damage the enamel of the teeth. This is because lemonade is acidic in nature.

2. For those who already have weak enamel, even 1 or 2 cups of lemonade can be harmful for them. 

3. Consuming lemonade with sugar can spoil teeth. Cavity contains bacteria that eat sugar.

4. Lemon water should be avoided in the case of mouth ulcers as it can increase ulcers.

5. Lemonade is considered an excellent remedy for acidity. But, lemonade can also make some people more acidic. If you feel uncomfortable after drinking it, then it does not suit you and you should avoid it.

6. Drinking this drink should be avoided if there is stomach ulcer.

7. If you are suffering from joint pain and arthritis pain then lemon water can be harmful to you. Because it can increase the pain.

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