Let Kashmiris fight their own battle!

Kashmir Solidarity Day is celebrated on February 5th every year. In Pakistan, celebrations are held on the occasion of Kashmir Solidarity day and expressions of solidarity with the Kashmiri people, which means that we are equal partners in their suffering. In the last seventy years, we have wasted so many precious lives in this bloody game but the result has been zero till now. Neither Kashmir was liberated nor Pakistan or India gave up their right to assert their rights over Kashmir, nor were the people of Kashmir given the right to associate with either of the two countries.
India, which has maintained its tradition of continuous shelling on the LoC, what steps have we (Pakistan) taken to prevent it? The government of Pakistan has no answer as well as any so-called candle mafia. It is easy to say a phrase, “We are equal partners in your grief”, but one can feel the pain itself that has passed or been in pain. Only by words we cannot feel the pain and be part of it. For the past seventeen years, nothing has been done by Pakistan except dirty politics and billions of rupees.
Imran Khan’s speech that was praised all over the world, concluded that the part of Jammu and Kashmir that was living on its own was mixed with India and imposed a curfew for 170 days. The question is, what does Pakistan do for the Kashmir which is considered as a Shah Rag? What did the United Nations, the European Union, and the OIC do? What has been the role of Pakistan? Jammu and Kashmir has become the most dangerous prison in the world, where there is no medicine for the sick and no food for the children. In all these situations, we have to look at ourselves and see where we stand.
The Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front had the position that Pakistan Army is the best army in the world. Instead of sending the army and mujahideen to Kashmir, it should be helped to form an independent army of Azad Kashmir, on the basis of which negotiations with India could take place. When the army is on both borders, there is no option but to negotiate. But their stance was rejected as the result that Mujahideen were declared terrorists in the name of Kashmir independence. The worst politics in Pakistan is the bad politics of Kashmir. We wake up emotionally every Friday for half an hour, standing quiet, announcing the roads closed, but the execution is only two to three Friday, but on the fourth Friday we are back in our routine. Are we with the people of Kashmir? Only through verbal and filmy dialogues.
For the freedom of Kashmir and the betterment of the people, we have to stand behind them, not with them. We have to support and allow them to fight their case on their own in front of the UN. Who constitutes a government in Azad Kashmir and how it is formed is not a hidden secret. What benefit of a government whose prime minister is arrested by a police officer of a DSP rank and brought to Islamabad? Representatives of Pakistan, who want to do something for Kashmir, bring together the Kashmiri leadership and make them stand in the UN and fight their case. At the diplomatic level, Pakistan’s war is tragic, but Pakistan is in such a state that no one in the world is willing to listen to Pakistan. In this situation where the economic condition is bad, the threat of FATF, blackmailing of IMF exists for Pakistan we shall have to revise Kashmir policy and the Kashmir leadership will have to come forward. Pain should be done not just one day of the year but all year.

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Rana Ali Zohaib

Journalist / Columnist / Reporter at Truth Tracker international Magazine. Columnist at (Urdu and English),

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