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Liberland steps up to the Virus and launches response center

Lahore (Rana Ali Zohaib): Liberland is stepping up to the mark by sourcing medical elements needed in the fight against Coronavirus or COVID-19. As the pandemic sweeps across the world, the government of Liberland is working to source masks, tests and even ventilators for use to stop the virus.
President Vit Jedlička today announced that he has located certified suppliers in China that can ship the required medical devices to European countries. A list of factories was made public on the website including general market conditions as well as terms of delivery.
Newly launched website also has a “Do It Yourself” section filled with advice for the general public on how to make respirators, sanitization or ventilators at home. President Vit suggested that H13 vacuum bags have the necessary density to block the virus and are a viable replacement for FFP3 filters that are not available on the market at the moment. is a website where everyone can contribute with a piece of knowledge to help others to protect themselves and their loved ones.

‘In these times we all need to pull together,” he said. “To that end, we have put together a website where we can share news and help each other. There are articles on DIY approaches to staying safe as well as myth busters. We are concerned that national governments are not taking this pandemic seriously. We want to help our Liberlandians wherever they are based.”
Over the next two months, contributions to the Liberland state budget will go directly and transparently to fight coronavirus in Croatia and Serbia, sources.

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