Light bulbs with hand keys and weights

At present, about one billion people in the world do not have access to normal off-grid electricity. In this context, many years ago, a system for generating electricity under the force of gravity came to light, which was named Gravity Light. Now the same company has developed a system for filling keys, weighing or emitting light from solar energy.

DesiWatt has designed a new light bulb for power-deprived areas, camps and traveling tourists that can be charged with manual labor. The cost of fuel and kerosene in poorer areas becomes a greater burden on the poor. Their smoke is very harmful to health.

This new system is called Gravity Light Two. Earlier, in the first design of Gravity Light, a bag was placed in a basket weighing 10 to 16 kg and tied with wire and the weight was lifted 6 feet and released. After that the weight gradually came down and the bulb kept emitting light. In this way, once the weight was lifted, the bulb would burn for half an hour, then the weight would be lifted again.

But now people want to charge their mobile phones along with the light and for this, a 3200 mAh battery has been installed. Now thanks to this, smartphones can be easily charged. Its wire has been improved so that it moves smoothly and emits the same amount of electricity. This time, instead of tying the weight, the wire has to be pulled only once, after which the kinetic energy accumulates in the spring in the inner system, which later melts into electricity.

Just by pulling the wire for 2 minutes, the bulb emits 20 lumens of light for half an hour. It can also be charged with a USB cable and a three-watt solar cell.

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