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Like the real neuron, the world’s first artificial neuron

The synthetic neuron chip appears in this picture and is not far off the day when it can be used to treat many diseases, from cardiovascular to Alzheimer’s. Photo: University of Bath

 London: International experts have done a remarkable job in the world of electronics and medicine, which can undoubtedly be called a feat. The team developed artificial nerve or neuron, which acts as the brain cells.

Although this invention has not yet reached the level of human experience and is years away from human use on that basis, artificial neurons can substantially cure Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases by acting like a real human nerve. Applying it to a pacemaker will naturally restore the heartbeat.

Created by scientists from the University of Bath. The barriers to its preparation spanned decades. If there was no technology, then very fine electronics disappeared. Now after the information from both sides, the first complex mathematical models were created and then the artificial neural function proceeded.

“Thanks to this, we can know all the principles and functions of a single brain cell,” said Allen Nougat, a professor of research. Although it is an electronic neuron, HooHoo replicates human brain cells. Another aspect of this model is that it can be customized and added many features to the model.

The research thesis has written describes two types of artificial neurons. The first respiratory or respiratory neuron and tail hippocampus neuron that has separate functions.
When they were compared to the actual brain cells of both types, they both performed very well and functioned exactly like the original cells.

Julian Patten, another member of the research team, said the Respiratory Neuron would make great strides in the manufacture of smart medical devices. Also, many types of diseases and disabilities will be removed.

An important use of this is to enable it to connect to brain cells by synchronizing with a heart rate-maintaining pacemaker. It has been observed that the heart itself plays an important role in heart failure. On the other hand, Alzheimer’s will also help in restoring damaged cells and associated contacts.

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